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Baby Lindsay's Fusion Film - Goshen Birth and Newborn Photographer / Goshen Birth and Newborn Photography

Sweet baby Lindsay Cole. Even her name radiates warmth and beauty. She surprised us all (none more than her mom and dad of course) by arriving over five weeks early. While she has faced some health challenges in this first chapter of her life, her strength and resilience continue to shine through. And that is to say nothing of her parents who might just be the most genuinely loving people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Despite set backs and unexpected turns, they persevere with smiles and affection for their new daughter. I was so happy that we were able to squeeze in a low-key Fresh 48 session while baby was feeling up to it; I hope that this video will bring a smile on the tough days and will be cherished in the years to come. While Baby Lindsay continues to grow stronger, my prayers stay with her, her parents and her sisters. 

Michiana Family Film and Photography - Beauty of a Second: March

This project just gives me all of the feels. I seriously (and not exaggerating) watch these short monthly films about twenty times each. It's such a fun way to capture my daughter and all of her milestones and quirky habits.

Don't forget that BBP offers family films and fusion films to clients as well! Wouldn't it be lovely to have one of these for yourself???

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Michiana Family Film and Photography - Personal Fusion Film

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fusion films? Maybe once or twice? Fusion films are this completely amazing compilation of stunning images and fun video and it takes documenting your family to an entirely new level. While nothing can ever replace wall art and albums, this is the digital age and I have zero doubt that these types of fusion films are the next big thing in family photography. So obviously, I have to make them for my own family all of the time! Here is a fusion film of our amazing family trip to PCB. Enjoy :)

Michiana Family Film and Photography - Beauty of a Second: February

I have no idea where the month of February went but I DO know that I love this month's Beauty of a Second video! I'm still learning when it comes to video (heck, I'm still learning when it comes to photography...is there ever a point when we're not growing?) but I'm loving this project more and more. These videos give such a priceless glimpse of my girl as she grows. 

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Michiana Birth and Newborn Photographer - Leila's Fresh 48 Fusion Film

(Siiiigh). I could watch this every single day - and it's not even my family! I am so in love with fusion films! Obviously, I'm crazy about what photographs offer in terms of capturing and saving memories but fusion films truly take it to another level. Having video to help document your life's moments will bring a smile to your face instantly. No matter how little the moment may seem (like this little gal's sneeze half way through, or Dad marveling at her holding his finger), having that to look back on forever is amazing. Thanks again to Leila's family for allowing me to be a part of these next 11 months!

Granger Family Photographer - Beauty of a Second

As many of you may remember from my previous video announcement blog posts, I am starting to offer fusion films and event videos! I'm a firm believer in practicing your skills as often as possible and so, on top of a 365 project I decided to add a "Beauty of a Second" project as well. Essentially, this is just a video version of a 365 project; every day, I take a short video burst and then stitch them all together at the end of each month to create a film. This helps me get better at videography and also gives my husband something to look forward to because he LOVES these videos! It's so funny because when I use my camera to take pictures, it is second nature to me. I hardly even notice my fingers are changing settings as I shoot to optimize the outcome. As soon as I flip that setting over to "video" I feel like a 90 year old trying to figure out an iPad! Ok, I exaggerate, but it is definitely a new learning curve. But I love a challenge and I am definitely seeing improvement. And so, I share with you my January "Beauty of a Second" video:

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Event and Family Photography in Granger, Indiana - VIDEO Has Hit BBP

I always thought my heart belonged with photography - until I realized I could also have video. I first started taking video of my daughter; I figured if I learned most of my photography skills by constantly photographing her, I could learn video the same way. Then, I surprised some of my clients with fusion films (big hit). Finally, this past weekend, I put all of my filming skills to the test and made a video.

And. I. Love. It. 

In 2017, fusion films and other video options are available to all of my clients! If this is something that pulls at your heartstrings, contact me.

South Bend Birth, Newborn and Family Photographer - Fusion Film from "Boy Mom" Session

In case you missed the announcement: In 2017 I will be offering fusion films to my product menu! In order to sharpen my skills, the next few bookings I get will have the option to add this to their session for free.

Fushion Video - Boy Mom

Michiana Birth, Fresh 48 and Family Documentary Photographer - Introducing a New Product for 2017!

I fell in love with photography about two years ago. Having the ability to freeze moments in time and instantly bring back all the feels of that exact second is just an awesome power to have. During this time of falling in love, I joined about 101 online groups and forums so that I could learn from all of the amazing documentary photographers out there and that is when I stumbled across something so unique and special. It was a total accident that I found this amazing woman and her business but after reading a blog post she wrote and then spending entirely too long drooling over her work, I was hooked. Francesca Russell Photography opened my eyes to documentary films.

Since then, I have been toying around with video and films through "One Second a Day" personal projects and then secretly taking some footage during a few of my more recent family sessions. In 2017, I plan to add fusion films to my product list! 


A fusion film is a compilation video that includes both stills and video to tell your story. I am head over heals in love with them and can't wait to offer them to my future families. For the first few months, upon a signed film model release, I will be working on building my video skills and so, if you book soon, you will essentially get a bonus fusion film for no extra cost. These films are truly priceless and both families that I presented fusion films to so far have ended up in happy tears and big smiles. Just check out this awesome tea party - 

Please note: Most videos presented to clients are approximately 2+ minutes. This film has been condensed for your viewing convenience. 


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