My Story

child combs mom's hair during south bend family photography session
family plays during south bend family photography session

I am Cara Bettcher and the face behind the camera at Borne Back Photography. I have always had a passion for stories and the value they hold in our lives which drove me to my career as a high school English and journalism teacher. 

I loved sharing old, new, weird, traditional, ANY type of story with teenagers and watching them realize more about themselves by experiencing a story. However, when my high school sweetheart husband and I had our daughter, my priorities began to change...

Flash forward to present day and you will find me enjoying my life as a stay-at-home-mom and photographer. I am so excited to be taking my love of stories and applying it to my love of photography! Our daily experiences are OUR stories and they deserve to be told. I absolutely adore capturing my children’s every move (no really, the poor kids are constantly at the business end of my camera) so that friends, family, and my future self can look at the memories our family created and smile (or cry).

I am a big believer that customer service and providing unique, fun experiences is part of being a good human and a good business person and will strive to give that to everyone who considers my sessions. I love meeting new people and being in challenging situations is my cup of tea so bring on the newborns, toddlers, and families of 10! I will capture it all and can’t wait to meet you!

The End.