S & A ENGAGEMENT - Plymouth Indiana Wedding Photographer

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This couple is AWESOME! I love when people aren’t afraid to step outside the box and while they wanted the traditional engagement photos, they also wanted to represent their silly, outgoing and God loving relationship. As we talked and shared and realized how much we had in common and what a small world it really is, I knew that this couple was a PERFECT fit for BBP. And I absolutely cannot wait to document their big day this fall.

A & S ENGAGEMENT - Plymouth Indiana Wedding Photographer

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I loved this couple this minute I met them! From their epic heigh difference to their easy demeanors, they are just a blast to be around. It’s obvious that their relationship is based on a fun and laughter, especially when they shared their story of how they started dating which included her shoving him entirely too hard off of a cooler at a bonfire! And who doesn’t love a good ring story? Her ring has a diamond in it that is a family heirloom of his; what a great way to start off forever than to connect with the past?!

Can NOT wait for this wedding this fall!

KAMPE BABY ANNOUNCEMENT - Indiana Baby Photographer

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This journey to Baby K was a long one for this amazing couple. Through trials and obstacles, they pushed on and prayed. And as hard as those years were, God answers prayers in his own time. Now, they are parents-to-be who just have wait a little while longer before they get to welcome their sweet baby into their arms! What a privilege it was to document this moment for them.

FIGG WEDDING - Nappanee Indiana Wedding Photographer

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High school sweethearts. Its something most people can relate to, we’ve all had them. But how many of us can actually say we married ours? (I’m raising my hand over here!) This sweet young couple has been together throughout their high school careers and according to them, they knew from early on that this was the real deal.

This wedding was seamless and beautiful from the very beginning. Everything went smoothly, and outside of it being unnaturally cold for a May wedding, nothing could have been better. And hey, they do say that rain is good luck. From the simple country chic decor, the most amazingly pretty cake to the super fun reception, this was a fantastic wedding and a great way to start a marriage! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Figg!

YODER MATERNITY - Plymouth Indiana Baby Photographer

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We had been planning this maternity session for awhile, but with life and weather, it kept getting pushed back. Finally, we had a break from all that and in a very last-minute push, made it happen. And thank goodness we did, because the very next day, Mom was induced and baby arrived a day later!

Can’t wait to meet and photograph their sweet, tiny baby boy who was born about three weeks early!

BEN + MADISON'S WEDDING - South Bend, Indiana Wedding Photographer

Ben and Madison were my first 2019 wedding after some time off to have my second baby, and I couldn’t have chosen a better day to document! This couple was as sweet as they were adorable and their wedding matched them perfectly. From the moment that I arrived, there was no sense of chaos or rush; everyone was simply enjoying getting ready! The bride, who does hair for a living, was even helping all of her girls look their best. The first look couldn’t have been sweeter, not to mention the groom was clearly loving his soon-to-be wife’s amazing gown and natural beauty. The ceremony that followed was filled with tears and laughter and the reception was pure joy. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fry!

Vendor list can be found at the bottom of this post.

Ceremony Venue: Bread and Chocolate

Reception Venue: Bread and Chocolate

Dress was purchased at: Greta’s bridal shop

Groom/Groomsmen attire is from: Kohl’s

Nail Salon/Specialist: Glamour nails in Goshen

Florist: Ligonier Floral

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Jill Garris and Jessica Blough

Caterer: Bread and chocolate

Jeweler: Sorg jewelers

KAYLA + TYLER'S ENGAGEMENT - Niles, Michigan Wedding Photographer

Kayla and Tyler have been one of my longest booked clients so far! I met her at a bridal show back in 2017 and have been anxiously awaiting their wedding since then. With the weather finally starting to turn in our favor (after having to reschedule about 51 times due to cold/wind/rain/hail/insert any crazy midwest weather), we were finally able to meet up to get their engagement photos done! And while it started off a little crazy and cold, it’s safe to say these photos were well worth it. And seriously, what a fun and sweet couple. I genuinely can not wait to be a part of their wedding day this fall!

S TURNS TWO - Niles, Michigan Family and Milestone Lifestyle Photographer

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Once again, I got to hang out with this fun family and their two awesome little boys! Watching them grow from a family of three to a family of four has been so much fun. S is a super chatty and equally adorable little boy who loves to be outdoors. He’s so well mannered and just a joy to be around that it hardly seems like work to take his photos.

Can’t wait for the next milestone and family session with these guys! (Lookout world, because Baby L will be 6 months old!)

H FAMILY LIFESTYLE PHOTOS - Osceola, Indiana Family Lifestyle Photographer

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Well, I can’t really say enough about this fun family because they also happen to be our best friends! My husband and I have been friends with this awesome couple before we were even married. They traveled all the way to Florida for our wedding and now, many years later, our daughters are absolute besties and our sons, well, they’re too young to know it but they’ll be best buds, too.

I always feel a special privilege when friends trust you take their photos. Its such a special thing to be able to do for people and I always love a chance to get together with them. And of course, my own daughter had to sneak in and take some quick pics with her bestie, too.

H FAMILY AND MILESTONE LIFESTYLE PHOTOS - Michigan and Indiana Family and Milestone Lifestyle Photographer

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There aren’t many things I love more than being able to follow a family’s journey from the very beginning! And this family is a perfect example. I met them when they hired me to document the birth of their second son, who is now over a year old! Following his journey and seeing him turn into such a fun loving and energetic toddler has been so rewarding.

We had a blast on this cool fall evening for their milestone and family photo session. Full of smiles and not wanting to sit still long, we got to go all over the place and find lots of fun spots to shoot in. Mom and Dad surely have their hands full with these two handsome fellas, but there was no shortage of smiles and love. Can’t wait to see them again soon!

H FAMILY LIFESTYLE PHOTOS - South Bend Family Lifestyle Photographer

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There’s no question that I have a soft spot for this gorgeous family. Not only did we go to high school together way back when, but I also got to document their youngest daughter’s Fresh 48 and her entire first year. Now she’s a spunky toddler and we get to do full family sessions out on their amazing property. Not only are their kids absolutely gorgeous, but they’re equally as well mannered and fun.

This was hands down my favorite family session of the season as we had absolutely perfect conditions. Plus, Mom asked for some simple, classic black and whites of each kiddo to hang on her walls and they turned out gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet back up with them for another family photo shoot (or you know, just run into Mom and Baby L at Target…because that seems to happen weekly lol).

BABY E'S NEWBORN FRESH 48 PHOTOS - South Bend, Indiana Baby and Family Photographer

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Oh what a story this sweet girl had! I first met with Baby E’s mom to discuss her options for birth photography. As a first time mom, we didn’t really know what to expect when labor came, so we were prepared for 37 weeks on. When I finally got the call that it was go time, I knew from experience that I probably didn’t have to rush. First babies often take a while. But then, I got a more rushed text that said things were moving pretty quickly and from the sounds of it, I knew I had to head out!

When I arrived, mom was laboring hard and already at 9cm! Awesome! This would be a really great, fast birth. HA! Babies never do what we expect, do they? Fast forward twelve hours and still no baby…and I had a wedding to be at to photograph! Luckily, my amazing back up photographer came to the rescue and I ended up missing this sweet baby girl’s birth by less than an hour. I would have loved to be there since I had gotten so invested in her journey earthside, but such is life.

And I did get to come back and visit for her Fresh 48 photos. What an alert and gorgeous baby she was. And her parents could not have been more smitten. This was a fun and rewarding session from start to finish and I feel lucky to have gotten to meet her momma and daddy, as well as Baby E!