S & B ENGAGEMENT - Indiana and Michigan Wedding Photographer

S & A ENGAGEMENT - Plymouth Indiana Wedding Photographer

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This couple is AWESOME! I love when people aren’t afraid to step outside the box and while they wanted the traditional engagement photos, they also wanted to represent their silly, outgoing and God loving relationship. As we talked and shared and realized how much we had in common and what a small world it really is, I knew that this couple was a PERFECT fit for BBP. And I absolutely cannot wait to document their big day this fall.

A & S ENGAGEMENT - Plymouth Indiana Wedding Photographer

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I loved this couple this minute I met them! From their epic heigh difference to their easy demeanors, they are just a blast to be around. It’s obvious that their relationship is based on a fun and laughter, especially when they shared their story of how they started dating which included her shoving him entirely too hard off of a cooler at a bonfire! And who doesn’t love a good ring story? Her ring has a diamond in it that is a family heirloom of his; what a great way to start off forever than to connect with the past?!

Can NOT wait for this wedding this fall!

KAYLA + TYLER'S ENGAGEMENT - Niles, Michigan Wedding Photographer

Kayla and Tyler have been one of my longest booked clients so far! I met her at a bridal show back in 2017 and have been anxiously awaiting their wedding since then. With the weather finally starting to turn in our favor (after having to reschedule about 51 times due to cold/wind/rain/hail/insert any crazy midwest weather), we were finally able to meet up to get their engagement photos done! And while it started off a little crazy and cold, it’s safe to say these photos were well worth it. And seriously, what a fun and sweet couple. I genuinely can not wait to be a part of their wedding day this fall!

ALYSSA AND JOSEPH - Plymouth, Indiana Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Alyssa and Joseph were such a fun, laid back couple! When Alyssa first reached out to me inquiring about wedding photography, I thought I recognized the name. After a little chatting, I realized that way back when, she had been a student of mine when I was still teaching (although not for very long as I left for maternity leave that same year). I always have a soft spot for LV alum who I get to work with!

As soon as we met on this gorgeous fall night, it was obvious these two had been together forever. They have that easy comfort that many couples don’t find until they’re well into their marriage. Hearing about their wedding plans and plans for after marriage was such a fun and refreshing conversation as we took advantage of the gorgeous scenery.

I can’t wait to work with them more on their wedding day this fall!

H & A ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS - Michiana and Indiana Wedding Photographer

Halie & Andrew Engagement

This session is special for SO many reasons!

While it just so happened to also end up falling on what was probably the prettiest “golden hour” evening of the season, this engagement session held a special spot in my heart long before it started. You see, this gorgeous bride-to-be was also my daughter’s nanny as an infant! When I was still teaching, H spent several days a week watching my baby girl and for me, that’s no small thing. For me to trust someone with my child, I’ve got to really love you haha. So when H texted me and asked if I would be up for handling their engagement pictures, I couldn’t agree fast enough.

I ended up having so much fun getting to know her hilarious fiance as we toured the beautiful property. They were full of laughs and totally up for anything. In fact, A even taught me something: use the “drunk walk” prompt immediately after the “spin her around in circles” prompt! (Haha).

I could not offer more well-wishes for this couple and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

E & J ENGAGEMENT SESSION - Indiana Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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Joined through a mutual love of science and laughter, these two are a match made in heaven. E & J are the perfect balance for each other and there’s no shortage of excitement for their 2019 fall (almost winter) wedding. Seeing and hearing their joy as they shared the details for the big day, it was obvious that this is going to be a fun wedding to document!

And to prelude their big day, E & J opted for an engagement session to kick things off. While we wandered around a gorgeous state park, their comfort with each other was obvious. The setting was beautiful and diverse and even though the initial goal had been a golden hour session, the midwest weather decided to give us some mild temps with steal gray clouds…and it was gorgeous! Sometimes, I’m so grateful for unanswered weather prayers because they often end up in the most stunning photo opportunities.

Thank you, E & J, for spending the evening with me and letting me capture the first part of your ultimate love story.

M & B ENGAGEMENT - Indiana Wedding and Engagement Photographer

This super sweet couple will be my first wedding after maternity leave and I couldn’t have chosen a better fit to dive back into 2019! Getting to know them at their engagement session was a total blast and between having totally epic light, a gorgeous dress on the bride-to-be and a fiance who was clearly crazy about his future wife, it was a perfect equation for some gorgeous photos.

As we talked about how they met and what their wedding would be like, we took full advantage of the changing leaves, golden fields and amazing sunset. I wasn’t especially fond of the snake that crossed our path when we headed to a different location and I may have shouted a few choice words and hoped it wouldn’t send me into early labor (can you tell I love snakes?) but they took it in stride and laughed at my panic. But it was totally worth it because just look at these gorgeous engagement photos they were able to get!

M & B, I genuinely can’t wait for your March wedding at Bread and Chocolate and I hope you love these e-session photos as much as I do!

MICAH & CAMERON COUPLE SESSION - Michiana Wedding Photographer

Another amazing session for two old students! I always thought that kids wanted to get away from their old teachers ASAP, but I'm so glad to have the chance to document so many awesome people I've met through teaching. Micah and Cameron both had me for Sophomore English and were both super fun and hilarious people. 

When Micah reached out to me to get some couple photos for them when Cameron was home from his military duties in the Marine Corp in California, I was super excited to do that for them. Not only are they a lot of fun, they're both epically adorable, too. One of the challenges that happen when you want a sunset session in summer is the fact that the sun doesn't set until 9:45pm! So when we me, it was way close to my bedtime (just kidding, I'm a total night owl; I'm typing this blog post at 11pm) but the pictures were so worth it! I am so excited to see where life takes these two and I hope that I get to be there to document it for them.

Thanks for lending me some of your precious time together, Micah and Cameron!

BLAKE & KRISTI'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION - Goshen, Indiana Wedding Photographer

When some people think of engagement sessions, they think of the awkwardness of being in front of a camera. When this couple got in front of the camera, they simply turned on the laughter. I kid you not, this session was so filled with hysteria, we had to work just to get a few images of them NOT laughing!

When I first met Kristi and Blake, I knew they were a fun couple. They were both so open and funny and so intrigued with the idea of documentary photography for their wedding, I knew we'd be a perfect fit to work together. We chatted like we'd known each other forever and it was obvious that they were super excited about their upcoming wedding that they also get to share with their kids. 

What I didn't know, is that they are absolutely hilarious. From the very start of the session, we were all cracking jokes - some more appropriate than others - and having a great time. Despite some dreary skies and the first truly decent weekend of the year, their cheer and hilarity brightened everything right up. As we walked the property, they were up for anything and some of the outtakes, which I will be kind enough not to share here, had me cracking up over my keyboard as I was editing. 

I genuinely can't wait for their beautiful wedding this year and I'm so excited to be a part of it! 

SHARON & NATHAN ENGAGEMENT SESSION - South Bend, IN Wedding Photographer

It's not often that the stars align and you get a perfect couple, on a perfect evening with absolutely perfect golden-hour lighting...but that's exactly what happened at this epic engagement session in South Bend, Indiana. The comfort and love these two shared with each other was so special and fun to photograph and makes me all the more excited for their upcoming wedding (sure to be a completely beautiful occasion). 

When Sharon and Nathan and I met to discuss their wedding photography goals this winter, it was obvious that these two were meant to be. Despite having some opposite interests (like the fact that she loves horses and horseback riding and he's, ahem, allergic), they complimented each other perfectly. 

This only became more apparent at their engagement session where they laughed, joked and snuggled. We all know that e-sessions can feel uncomfortable sometimes, but its always my goal to make that a thing of the past and these two easily slid into a comfortable pattern in front of the camera. Between learning how to dip and simply holding hands while they walked, taking stunning photos of these two was a simple task. And can I nerd out photographer style and just RAVE about the epic light we had that night? I couldn't believe the luck we had with these soft pink clouds and gorgeous golden lighting. It was a photographer's dream come true!

I'm so appreciative to Sharon and Nathan for giving up their evening to let me capture some fun photos for them before they take that forever walk down the isle! 

T & T Engagement in the City - South Bend Wedding Photographer

I don't have enough good things to say about this fun couple! When we first started planning their photography goals for their wedding day, I knew this was going to a blast to work with them. So when we decided to go ahead with some engagement photos as well, we were all really excited! We planned a fun, rustic-chic, country session for February. 

[Insert Indiana weather].

For about two solid weeks before their session, we got RAIN. And not like normal spring showers; we are talking torrential, non-stop rain and dangerous flooding to boot. Rather than letting that dampen (bad-pun intended) our progress, this easy-going couple were totally willing to do a 180 and decided to trust me and do a city session in Downtown South Bend. Not what they had envisioned but they were willing to give it a try! 

The day of their e-session was so windy and still really cold, but these two pushed through, laughing the entire time. It. Was. So. Worth. It! First, we took a walk down towards the theatre and documented some hand holding, giggles and cuddles (to warm up). Then, we pressed on to the LaSalle Building where his company did the windows for. Finally, we headed back downtown to get some fun dancing-in-the-street images. They were frozen by the time got done, but in the end, the results speak for themselves. Can't wait for this Plymouth, Indiana wedding in August! Thanks for letting me document your love story, T & T!