ALYSSA AND JOSEPH - Plymouth, Indiana Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Alyssa and Joseph were such a fun, laid back couple! When Alyssa first reached out to me inquiring about wedding photography, I thought I recognized the name. After a little chatting, I realized that way back when, she had been a student of mine when I was still teaching (although not for very long as I left for maternity leave that same year). I always have a soft spot for LV alum who I get to work with!

As soon as we met on this gorgeous fall night, it was obvious these two had been together forever. They have that easy comfort that many couples don’t find until they’re well into their marriage. Hearing about their wedding plans and plans for after marriage was such a fun and refreshing conversation as we took advantage of the gorgeous scenery.

I can’t wait to work with them more on their wedding day this fall!