E & J ENGAGEMENT SESSION - Indiana Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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Joined through a mutual love of science and laughter, these two are a match made in heaven. E & J are the perfect balance for each other and there’s no shortage of excitement for their 2019 fall (almost winter) wedding. Seeing and hearing their joy as they shared the details for the big day, it was obvious that this is going to be a fun wedding to document!

And to prelude their big day, E & J opted for an engagement session to kick things off. While we wandered around a gorgeous state park, their comfort with each other was obvious. The setting was beautiful and diverse and even though the initial goal had been a golden hour session, the midwest weather decided to give us some mild temps with steal gray clouds…and it was gorgeous! Sometimes, I’m so grateful for unanswered weather prayers because they often end up in the most stunning photo opportunities.

Thank you, E & J, for spending the evening with me and letting me capture the first part of your ultimate love story.