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BABY E'S NEWBORN FRESH 48 PHOTOS - South Bend, Indiana Baby and Family Photographer

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Oh what a story this sweet girl had! I first met with Baby E’s mom to discuss her options for birth photography. As a first time mom, we didn’t really know what to expect when labor came, so we were prepared for 37 weeks on. When I finally got the call that it was go time, I knew from experience that I probably didn’t have to rush. First babies often take a while. But then, I got a more rushed text that said things were moving pretty quickly and from the sounds of it, I knew I had to head out!

When I arrived, mom was laboring hard and already at 9cm! Awesome! This would be a really great, fast birth. HA! Babies never do what we expect, do they? Fast forward twelve hours and still no baby…and I had a wedding to be at to photograph! Luckily, my amazing back up photographer came to the rescue and I ended up missing this sweet baby girl’s birth by less than an hour. I would have loved to be there since I had gotten so invested in her journey earthside, but such is life.

And I did get to come back and visit for her Fresh 48 photos. What an alert and gorgeous baby she was. And her parents could not have been more smitten. This was a fun and rewarding session from start to finish and I feel lucky to have gotten to meet her momma and daddy, as well as Baby E!

WHICH TO CHOOSE: FRESH 48 OR NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY? - South Bend, Indiana Newborn Baby Photographer

Ah, the tricky question: do you choose a Fresh 48 or Newborn session? Which one is right for you? It's a great question and I hope that this post might lend some thought points that may help you make the best decision for your baby! Here are some questions to ponder:


When you think about what you want documented, one of the main things to consider is whether you want to remember those very first moments with your baby and as a parent to this tiny human or if you want to remember those first days in your home with the newest addition. It's a tough choice but one that is usually pretty clear in our minds when we stop to think about it.


As much as it pains me to put this one out here, it is worth considering. Some people prefer to give baby a few days to move beyond the brand-new-baby blemishes, head molding and their own appearance after having just brought a new life into the world. At the same time, many people love these factors and find them honest and endearing (this is me, just FYI). So stop and consider whether you find all of the tiny "imperfections," a beautiful and priceless thing to be remembered or something you'd prefer to skip and have the time to refresh and recover. 


If you are one of those people who painstakingly choose every detail of their child's nursery (cough cough, me again) and strive to make it a place that they will immediately feel loved, cherished and calm, then a newborn session may be the best option for you. Hospitals and birth centers offer little to no control over your environment so you may end up with a bright orange wall in the background of your photos whether you like it or not. If this is something that gives you the shudders just thinking about that lack of control, a newborn session may be more fitting since you can document your own home and preferences that more accurately reflect you.


Often, there are specific family members or siblings who you can't wait to introduce to your new baby. If this is the case, a Fresh 48 session is the way to go. These are moments that you cannot recreate and are often so beautiful and priceless. Not to mention, documenting your own reactions as a parent seeing your other babies meeting their new sibling or to your parents holding their newest grandchild is a truly momentous moment that make a wonderful keepsake.


This is obviously my suggestion since I'm a crazy picture lady! It may not seem logical to have both Fresh 48 AND newborn photos taken because they usually take place within 10-14 days of each other. But hear me out first! If you have already had a baby, you know what I'm about to say is true and if you're a first time parent, take my word that this statement is accurate: your baby changes DAILY. In those first few months, you will wake up and smile down at your new baby and be amazed because somehow, they truly changed overnight. You blinked and they're a little bit bigger, a little bit more mature. It's uncanny (and slightly heartbreaking) but its true. Having both Fresh 48 and newborn photos allows you to see those changes and also lets you document those first sweet moments and also gives you the control of photographing your child in their own environment. It's a win win and totally worth it. 


BABY Z'S FRESH 48 - South Bend, Indiana Newborn Photographer

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I love offering Fresh 48's to all of my birth clients. While birth photos are truly one-of-a-kind, they're also chaotic and intense. Giving everyone a day or so to gather themselves, get refreshed and hopefully a little sleep and then coming back to document all the beauty of the newborn baby and now bigger family is always so beautiful. 

Coming back to document Baby Z didn't disappoint. He was such a handsome little guy and mom and dad had the cutest (and most meaningful) outfits all picked out for him. From his little brother onesie which he posed in next to his sister's memorial stuffed elephant to his "moo outfit," he rocked the entire session with just a little help from his paci. We even took a little stroll down the hall to the big window for some extra pretty lighting. 

Seeing these parents getting to bond with their son was so sweet, especially when dad rocked his hunting vs dadding shirt. There was no shortage of love and emotion in this room and I truly hope that this family has nothing but joy and smiles for the years to come! Thanks for including me in your story, C family. 

BABY M'S FRESH 48 - Indiana and Michigan Newborn Photographer

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Every Fresh 48 newborn session is special, but I have a soft spot when they include sibling meetings. I absolutely love seeing how older siblings react to the newest family member! And this case did not disappoint.

After spending the morning with these wonderful parents and standing alongside them as they welcomed their son into the world, we all took a few hours to freshen up and breathe after the chaos of birth. When I returned that evening, we took Mr. M's newborn photos (and boy was he cooperative AND handsome), while we waited for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive with big sis. 

To say that this trio was excited to be reunited would be an understatement. You could see mom and dad's heart just bursting when they had both their kiddos in the room together. And the grandparents were absolutely in love with this little boy already. There will be NO shortage of love in this guy's life. Big sis was so gentle and interested; although the big sister gift of a cupcake set was a little distracting for a while (haha). 

I'm so grateful to have gotten to tell this boy's story from the very beginning!

BABY L'S FRESH 48 - Granger, Indiana Newborn Photographer

I've had a whole gang of baby boys born in a very short (and very chaotic) ten day span, so when I got the text saying Baby L, GIRL Baby L, had arrived, I was super excited to get my girly vibes on. And she did not disappoint; between her adorable feminine features and pretty little outfit, she completely filled up my lacking girl quota. 

When parents J and B reached out and asked me to do their newborn Fresh 48 photos, I was so excited. We have known this sweet family for years and watched their 2 year old son grow up into the cutest, smartest little guy around. So when I found out I was going to get to capture this awesome sibling meeting plus her beauty shots, I was more than thrilled. 

Baby L ended up coming a couple of weeks early but I think everyone was ready to meet her, including big brother! Sometimes, sibling meetings of young kiddos don't always go as you might hope, but big bro G was all about investigating his new sister. He walked in with a smile on his face that didn't leave the entire time I was there. He climbed right into bed with his mom and immediately started touching and staring at his little sister with genuine curiosity. His smile and laugh lit up the room when Dad played with him and you just knew that this was going to be one happy household once everyone was home! 

Thank you, S family, for letting me document this adorable meeting for you!

JONES FRESH 48 NEWBORN - South Bend, Indiana Newborn Photographer

I first met the Jones family when they contacted me about a one year milestone session for their (now) oldest boy. I ventured out to their adorable wooded home where their even more adorable one-year-old was happily awaiting his Mickey smash cake...dressed as Mickey. Holy cuteness. As we did the smash cake and then some candid documentary style photos in their home (including a sweet sink bath and story time in the nursery), it was clear what a sweet and caring family this was.

Then, a handful of months later, I got the exciting inquiry from momma for a Fresh 48 session in July! Nothing makes me happier than watching families grow so I was more than a little excited to get to document big brother meeting his new little brother. Then, Mom also applied for my in-home maternity session model call and was chosen. So when I got the text saying she was being admitted to St. Joe Hospital one early July morning, I was really looking forward to seeing this family again.

Baby Logan was such a good little guy who loved nothing more than being held by his momma and being swaddled in a nice warm blanket (he was NOT a fan of being down to the diaper...but who could blame him?). He was so handsome and unblemished and just the epitome of newborn perfection. Now sometimes, doing a Fresh 48 for a family with two-under-two, it doesn't always go as you "dream." There are often tears and the first bouts of jealousy...but not from this big brother! He was all smiles and genuine interest in his new baby brother and he even shared his very favorite stuffy with him (that's about when my heart became a big puddle on the floor). I can't wait to see this family's journey and I truly hope I get to be there to document more milestones for them in the future!


I could not possibly be more excited to share this sweet session with everyone. This...was my first repeat momma! In fact, Momma K's daughter's Fresh 48 session was my very first. I remember feeling so thrilled and excited doing her session in January of 2016 and after I left, I was hooked. I knew this was going to be one of my favorite types of sessions. Watching this woman become a mom and seeing her husband become a girl day (come on, admit it, we all know that guys melt over their daughters) was intoxicating in the best way.

Fast forward to November of 2017, and I got to help welcome this family's second baby, this time a son, as well as capture the meeting of his big sister. I can't even begin to express the feelings I had watching this sweet girl who I have now known and documented for two years become a big sister. There were funny moments (like her refusal to touch him initially), sweet moments (like the very first finger touch she worked up the courage for) and all of the stuff in-between. Not to mention all of the mommy snuggles and classic newborn portraits that took up the time we spent waiting on big sister's hospital arrival. This little guy was so alert and sweet...and in the words of his mom, looked like the tiniest old man ever. 

This fresh 48 newborn session was simple and beautiful and something I hope that this family will cherish for a lifetime!

Elkhart + South Bend Fresh 48 Photographer - Newborn R Meets Her Siblings

Baby R was the long awaited girl in a family of boys. She was loved beyond measure before she even arrived and I was so blessed to be a part of her first hours on earth. When I got the text from mom (also one of my best friends), that said "Surprise!" alongside a family photo of mom, dad and baby, I was shocked. We had spent the prior morning together on a play date and while mom had felt very ready for baby to make her arrival, she wasn't having any signs that she would be earthside just twelve hours later! 

When I arrived at the hospital, it was a truly beautiful moment as the family's friend and pastor, along with his wife, were there cuddling and praying over the new baby girl. It was such a great start to a session. The first half hour, I got to take some really soft and beautiful documentary portraits of Miss R, all while she stared quietly around the room. She was so alert! In fact, she was awake the entire session. She was so intent on exploring her new world in her own quiet way. It was one of the most laid back and calm Fresh 48's I had been to. 

Then, in came her brothers. End the tranquil calm! These boys are the sweetest and cutest little guys and they are all boy. They rushed into the room, thrilled to see their mom and more than a little curious about their new baby sister. They were so inquisitive and patient around her...but when they weren't around her, well, they were still all boy. Just take a look at the last photo in this post and you will get a good feel for what this amazing family's new normal looks like!

Thank you Mom and Dad S, for letting me be a part of this amazing sibling meeting. Little Miss R is so lucky to have such fantastic parents and loving big brothers. 

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography + South Bend and Michiana / Baby Lindsay Sneak Peek

This sweet, tiny little girl decided to join this world five weeks early! Prayers to this girl as she adjusts to life earthside. I can't wait to share Baby Lindsay's entire birth story and gallery, but until then, here are some sneak peeks to give everyone a quick adorable newborn fix in a tiny preemie package...

Michiana Birth Photographer / Michiana Birth Photographer - Fresh 48 Sneak Peek

I am so lucky to be supported by our amazing midwifery in South Bend! Not only do they value the services that I offer to their patients, but I've also grown to know some of these ladies on a more personal level which has now resulted in me having the opportunity to document the first 48 hours of TWO of the nurse and office manager's grandchildren! And lucky me, they were both the cutest babies with heads full of hair and amazing siblings and parents to go with.

Here is a sneak peek from last weekend's Fresh 48 session with baby Avery...

South Bend Newborn and Family Photographer - Baby Bodie's Fresh 48

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Fresh 48's? Ok. Just checking...

From the moment that I walked into this mother baby room, I knew that this was a special family. Their newborn baby boy was being admired by what may have been the nicest, most knowledgable nurse ever, with both parents staring on adoringly:

I mean really, have you ever seen such a happy little family? I was so excited that Momma T texted me really quickly after Baby Bodie was born because I got to capture so many sweet, special moments! From his first bath (he loved the hair wash but not so much with the sponge bath), to the delivery of Jimmy John's subs (come on mommas, we all KNOW how much we crave a good cold-cut after depriving ourselves from them for nine months), to the family meet and greets, this was just a beautiful session.

Momma T had specifically mentioned wanting lots of photos of the family meeting Bodie. This little guy was the first grandbaby for both sides so needless to say, he was destined for an infinite amount of love and adoration from the get-go. The way that the grandparents looked at baby was just so heartwarming, I couldn't take enough pictures. When I finally got around to getting some detail shots, I fell head-over-heals for his amazing dimpled chin. This was the baby chin that dreams are made of. I am so excited to share this gallery with you all and hope that Momma T, Daddy B and Baby Bodie enjoy these pictures for years to come...

Birth, Fresh 48 and Family Photographer in Granger, Indiana - Baby Bodie's Fresh 48

Fresh 48 newborn photography sessions are amazing. Period. Seeing people become parents, whether for the first time of the tenth time, is such an incredible experience. Seeing how they adjust, grow and learn to be everything their tiny new baby needs is beautiful. I really can't say enough about Fresh 48 sessions...

And this one in particular has my heart. Taeylor and Brant were first time parents but you would never guess that when you see them with their handsome baby, Bodie. These two were clearly head-over-heals in love with this little guy and that made everything feel completely natural. I can't wait to blog more about this session when I share the whole gallery! Until then, here's the sneak peek...