JONES FRESH 48 NEWBORN - South Bend, Indiana Newborn Photographer

I first met the Jones family when they contacted me about a one year milestone session for their (now) oldest boy. I ventured out to their adorable wooded home where their even more adorable one-year-old was happily awaiting his Mickey smash cake...dressed as Mickey. Holy cuteness. As we did the smash cake and then some candid documentary style photos in their home (including a sweet sink bath and story time in the nursery), it was clear what a sweet and caring family this was.

Then, a handful of months later, I got the exciting inquiry from momma for a Fresh 48 session in July! Nothing makes me happier than watching families grow so I was more than a little excited to get to document big brother meeting his new little brother. Then, Mom also applied for my in-home maternity session model call and was chosen. So when I got the text saying she was being admitted to St. Joe Hospital one early July morning, I was really looking forward to seeing this family again.

Baby Logan was such a good little guy who loved nothing more than being held by his momma and being swaddled in a nice warm blanket (he was NOT a fan of being down to the diaper...but who could blame him?). He was so handsome and unblemished and just the epitome of newborn perfection. Now sometimes, doing a Fresh 48 for a family with two-under-two, it doesn't always go as you "dream." There are often tears and the first bouts of jealousy...but not from this big brother! He was all smiles and genuine interest in his new baby brother and he even shared his very favorite stuffy with him (that's about when my heart became a big puddle on the floor). I can't wait to see this family's journey and I truly hope I get to be there to document more milestones for them in the future!