MICAH & CAMERON COUPLE SESSION - Michiana Wedding Photographer

Another amazing session for two old students! I always thought that kids wanted to get away from their old teachers ASAP, but I'm so glad to have the chance to document so many awesome people I've met through teaching. Micah and Cameron both had me for Sophomore English and were both super fun and hilarious people. 

When Micah reached out to me to get some couple photos for them when Cameron was home from his military duties in the Marine Corp in California, I was super excited to do that for them. Not only are they a lot of fun, they're both epically adorable, too. One of the challenges that happen when you want a sunset session in summer is the fact that the sun doesn't set until 9:45pm! So when we me, it was way close to my bedtime (just kidding, I'm a total night owl; I'm typing this blog post at 11pm) but the pictures were so worth it! I am so excited to see where life takes these two and I hope that I get to be there to document it for them.

Thanks for lending me some of your precious time together, Micah and Cameron!