LEXI & AUSTIN'S WEDDING - South Bend, Indiana Wedding Photographer

Every wedding is unique. Every wedding is special. There is no arguing that! But for me, this wedding was kind of extra special. Why? Because I've known the bride since she was a toddler!

Growing up, her cousin was my best friend whose family salon also did my hair. I remember Lexi running around while I got my awesome, chunky platinum blonde highlights (thank you 2000's hair trends). Fast forward to my very first year of teaching high school English and guess who happened to be in my Freshmen Honors class? None other than Lexi! If that wasn't enough, the way the schedule fell each year, I ended up having her for all four years of her high school career (sorry, Lexi, but thanks for putting up with me). In those four years, I got to know her beyond just a student and my friend's little cousin; I got to know what an awesome person she was. 

Once she graduated, she was one of those students who I kept in touch with. I followed her journey into real estate and happened to reach out to her when I stumbled across our dream home online. So she sold us our forever home two months later! During all our many encounters while buying and selling homes, she decided to hire me as her wedding photographer. 

Although I know Lexi better than Austin (obviously), I knew right away they were made for each other. They were one of the most fun and relaxed couples I've had the pleasure of working with and it is without a doubt that they have a lifetime of adventure and excitement ahead of them. Their Sunday wedding was filled with joy and laughs (not to mention her bridal party was made up of other old students of mine) and genuine love and fun. I was so honored to be a part of their wedding and I can't wait to follow the rest of their journey in the years to come.

Congrats Lexi and Austin!