BABY BAKER - Plymouth Indiana Baby and Family Photographer

Oh my goodness. This family is the cutest (and can I just say, these two made one ADORABLE baby). When I first officially met B and A at their maternity session, I got even more excited to watch them become parents to sweet Baby Baker. So when I got the call to come in for their Fresh 48 session on July 4th, I was more than ready to ditch the pool to go and ogle their sweet baby girl.

Now, I have photographed A LOT of fresh new babies, and until that day, I’d never seen a baby as aware and calm and alert as my daughter had been as a newborn. That is until I met Baker. This absolutely adorable girl was so awake and interested in everything around her at less than a day old! Her big almond eyes just took it all in and the resulting photos…well, just take a look. Congrats to this new family of three!