Granger Family Photographer - Beauty of a Second

As many of you may remember from my previous video announcement blog posts, I am starting to offer fusion films and event videos! I'm a firm believer in practicing your skills as often as possible and so, on top of a 365 project I decided to add a "Beauty of a Second" project as well. Essentially, this is just a video version of a 365 project; every day, I take a short video burst and then stitch them all together at the end of each month to create a film. This helps me get better at videography and also gives my husband something to look forward to because he LOVES these videos! It's so funny because when I use my camera to take pictures, it is second nature to me. I hardly even notice my fingers are changing settings as I shoot to optimize the outcome. As soon as I flip that setting over to "video" I feel like a 90 year old trying to figure out an iPad! Ok, I exaggerate, but it is definitely a new learning curve. But I love a challenge and I am definitely seeing improvement. And so, I share with you my January "Beauty of a Second" video:

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