Michiana Birth, Fresh 48 and Family Documentary Photographer - Introducing a New Product for 2017!

I fell in love with photography about two years ago. Having the ability to freeze moments in time and instantly bring back all the feels of that exact second is just an awesome power to have. During this time of falling in love, I joined about 101 online groups and forums so that I could learn from all of the amazing documentary photographers out there and that is when I stumbled across something so unique and special. It was a total accident that I found this amazing woman and her business but after reading a blog post she wrote and then spending entirely too long drooling over her work, I was hooked. Francesca Russell Photography opened my eyes to documentary films.

Since then, I have been toying around with video and films through "One Second a Day" personal projects and then secretly taking some footage during a few of my more recent family sessions. In 2017, I plan to add fusion films to my product list! 


A fusion film is a compilation video that includes both stills and video to tell your story. I am head over heals in love with them and can't wait to offer them to my future families. For the first few months, upon a signed film model release, I will be working on building my video skills and so, if you book soon, you will essentially get a bonus fusion film for no extra cost. These films are truly priceless and both families that I presented fusion films to so far have ended up in happy tears and big smiles. Just check out this awesome tea party - 

Please note: Most videos presented to clients are approximately 2+ minutes. This film has been condensed for your viewing convenience. 


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