South Bend Indiana Newborn Fresh 48 Photographer - Hospital Fresh 48

It had been entirely too long since my last Fresh 48 session! While I will always love family sessions, Fresh 48 and birth photography is my where my heart is. I always love walking through the quiet halls of the mother baby unit knowing that I am getting a little sneak peek of a tiny person's first hours on earth. It's kind of humbling!

This session was unique for a few reasons: first, because it was super last minute! Secondly, because it was for the son of one of the amazing office managers/nurse's who worked with my husband and I during our pregnancy and birth. I was so excited to be able to give back to her family after the amazing experience our midwife group gave to us. Third, because it was the first session I've done where baby didn't have a name yet! It made it a little exciting ha ha. 

From the minute I walked into the room, it was obvious how loved this new baby boy was. Despite him being the umpteenth grandson and having multiple older siblings (his next closest being 9 years older), the excitement was unparalleled. In fact, mom stated that she "made the babysitters first," just for this little guy! And lets just pause to talk about the guest of honor. Baby boy was probably one of the most laid back newborns I have ever seen. I always have some sympathy for newborns; imagine living your life day in and day out exactly the same way for nine months and then suddenly...BOOM! Big, bright, loud new world. But this little guy seemed to have slid right into "our world" with no problem. He took everything in stride and hardly gave a wimper. It is my sincerest hope that his calm disposition continues (for mom and dad's sake) and that they share his surely epic name when it is official. What a great family!

Update: His name is Kyler :) :) :)