Granger Birth, Newborn and Family Photographer - Stanger "Boy Mom" Session

While I love full family sessions, I also have a soft spot for mommy and mini's sessions! As moms, we are so frequently the ones behind the camera and rarely in the frame. Then, when we do get in the frame, we are so self critical that we instantly delete the images or let them be buried at the bottom of our hard drives, never to be seen again. What a shame that is! Think of our own mothers now that we are adults; don't you love seeing images of yourself as a child with your mom? Don't you want the chance to give that to your children down the road? Trust me, they won't notice your messy hair or extra holiday fluff, they will just notice how much you loved them and remember what a great mom you were (and are). Ok, rant over. 

So when Momma S scheduled this awesome session with her and her two adorable boys, I was thrilled! I was lucky enough to meet this sweet family through church and our kiddos ended up befriending each other (in fact, we decided to betroth them - we joke about this frequently). Anyway, Momma S is "that mom." The one that makes you want to be a better mom because she just rocks at momming so much. She balances her two boys, who are just over a year apart in age, with grace and poise and unlimited smiles. During this session, it was so fun to watch her interact with her sons and to see them absolutely adore her in return. Their bright, welcoming home was just the frosting on an already great cake. I am so excited to share this session with you and hope that this inspires any of you moms who have never considered a mom and minis session!  

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