Baby Lindsay's Fusion Film - Goshen Birth and Newborn Photographer / Goshen Birth and Newborn Photography

Sweet baby Lindsay Cole. Even her name radiates warmth and beauty. She surprised us all (none more than her mom and dad of course) by arriving over five weeks early. While she has faced some health challenges in this first chapter of her life, her strength and resilience continue to shine through. And that is to say nothing of her parents who might just be the most genuinely loving people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Despite set backs and unexpected turns, they persevere with smiles and affection for their new daughter. I was so happy that we were able to squeeze in a low-key Fresh 48 session while baby was feeling up to it; I hope that this video will bring a smile on the tough days and will be cherished in the years to come. While Baby Lindsay continues to grow stronger, my prayers stay with her, her parents and her sisters. 

South Bend Family Video / South Bend Family Photography - April's "Beauty of a Second"

I genuinely have no clue where April went! I'm pretty sure I blinked and it was gone. I love these "Beauty of a Second" videos because it is always so much fun to look back and see how much my girl has changed in just one short month. For example, when I look back at March's video and the very first day of potty training, it is crazy to think that now, it has been over 6 weeks since an accident and going potty is just a part of our day now! (It seemed like such a huge mountain to climb in the beginning!) Watching these videos also makes me feel insanely lucky because I get to see all of the amazing and fun things that we are able to do, all thanks to a supportive husband who decided me being home most days with our girl was far more important than a predictable pay check and who encouraged me to follow my passion and offer documentary photography and video to other people in Michiana. 

Oh, and can we just talk about some of the beautiful weather we have had?! I can't wait for summer! 

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Michiana Family Film and Photography - Beauty of a Second: March

This project just gives me all of the feels. I seriously (and not exaggerating) watch these short monthly films about twenty times each. It's such a fun way to capture my daughter and all of her milestones and quirky habits.

Don't forget that BBP offers family films and fusion films to clients as well! Wouldn't it be lovely to have one of these for yourself???

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