SHARON & NATHAN ENGAGEMENT SESSION - South Bend, IN Wedding Photographer

It's not often that the stars align and you get a perfect couple, on a perfect evening with absolutely perfect golden-hour lighting...but that's exactly what happened at this epic engagement session in South Bend, Indiana. The comfort and love these two shared with each other was so special and fun to photograph and makes me all the more excited for their upcoming wedding (sure to be a completely beautiful occasion). 

When Sharon and Nathan and I met to discuss their wedding photography goals this winter, it was obvious that these two were meant to be. Despite having some opposite interests (like the fact that she loves horses and horseback riding and he's, ahem, allergic), they complimented each other perfectly. 

This only became more apparent at their engagement session where they laughed, joked and snuggled. We all know that e-sessions can feel uncomfortable sometimes, but its always my goal to make that a thing of the past and these two easily slid into a comfortable pattern in front of the camera. Between learning how to dip and simply holding hands while they walked, taking stunning photos of these two was a simple task. And can I nerd out photographer style and just RAVE about the epic light we had that night? I couldn't believe the luck we had with these soft pink clouds and gorgeous golden lighting. It was a photographer's dream come true!

I'm so appreciative to Sharon and Nathan for giving up their evening to let me capture some fun photos for them before they take that forever walk down the isle!