Baby Norman's Newborn Session - South Bend Family and Newborn Photographer

There is nothing quite like a beautiful newborn girl baby (I mean, I may be a little bit biased being a girl mom, but still). And Baby K was no exception! With her dark, swirly hair, full cheeks and pouty little lips, she could melt even the toughest of hearts. Look out, Dad. You've got a heartbreaker on your hands!

When I arrived to this newborn session, I was already so in love with the nursery and the lighting. When Mom hits up pottery barn for nursery furniture, how can you go wrong? These sweet parents had clearly put so much thought and planning into this girl's arrival. And did I mention how kind and welcoming this family was? As we got to talking, I found out their super exciting story!

Right around the time Mom was having Baby K, Dad (who was the Notre Dame Girl's Soccer Team Assistant Coach) found out that the head coach was retiring. Nothing like having a baby and having your job rocked at the same time, right?! Well, shortly after Baby K's debut, Dad got some insanely exciting news: HE would be the new head coach! What could be better than having a brand new, healthy, happy baby and getting your dream job at one of the nation's best colleges? I think it's safe to say that this story had a very happy ending.

Watching these new parents caring for and loving on their baby girl was so heart warming. Dad would expertly swing Baby K, who loves to be moving, in his arms and mom offered the softest and gentlest snuggles. There's no doubt that this baby girl's days are going to be filled with an abudnance of love and smiles. Thank you for inviting me into your home, Norman family!