A Day in the Life with the L Family - South Bend Family and Newborn Photographer

Normally, a Day in the Life (DITL) session includes me following a family around while they do their normal routine and daily activities. This DITL, however, was oh-so-different. And oh-so-wonderful! 

When Mom contacted me and requested photos of her newest baby, it sounded normal enough. Then she added that she wanted to also capture his baptism. Fantastic! Oh, yeah. And all of their extended family will be there during the day and for the baptism. How truly special is that? 

Baby Boy was an incredibly calm and alert little guy and it was obvious from the moment I arrived that this little guy was surrounded by so much love! It never stops melting my heart to see babies enter this world with such an abundance of love. Baby Boy was passed from grandma to grandma, uncle to uncle, grandpa to grandpa and he took it all in stride, just soaking it all in calmly...actually, sleepily!

Next, out came the Christening gown. In case a gorgeous white Christening gown isn't special enough, this one had a whole story behind it. This gown that Baby Boy was about to be baptized in was worn by generations of men before him, including his own dad. To have this amazing gown dawning so much meaning on his special day before God was probably one of the coolest things I've had the privilege of documenting. 

We ended the day at the beautiful church and huge baptism pool where everyone gathered and watched with emotion and pride as Baby Boy was promised to the church and to God. It was nothing short of beautiful and humbling. I felt so blessed to have been a part of it and I truly hope that these photos captured this family's day in an accurate and beautiful way. Thank you, L Family, for including me in this big day!