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South Bend + Michiana Birth Photographer - Birth Photography Can Be PG

It's funny because when it comes to birth photography, people seem to be totally for it or absolutely weirded out by it. Most of the folks I meet who do the "You're a WHAT photographer?!" double take think of all of the raw and unfiltered moments of birth and wonder why anyone would want that documented. And I get it! I really do. (But trust me when I say that even the raw unfiltered stuff can be documented tastefully and beautifully.) However, I'm not here to change anyone's mind or opinion, but I would like to explain how birth photography can be completely PG. Nothing "raw'. Nothing "embarrassing". Nothing you wouldn't want your kids to see. 

Birth photography doesn't have to be "shocking."

Mainstream media has taught us to believe that birth is traumatic and "gross." However, your photos will reflect differently. There are so many moments during labor, delivery and postpartum that are soft, calm and beautiful. A mother laying eyes on her baby for the first time is breath taking; a moment that you can't get back. It's also a moment that we, as mothers, can't see for ourselves. Having photos to look back on and see the joy and relief and pride on our own faces as we meet our children is priceless.

BBP's packages are totally customized long before the delivery.

I realize that birth photography is a big investment, both monetarily and in trust, which is why I want you to feel comfortable and in control every step of the way. At our first consultation, I will answer any questions you have before booking a session and make sure that I am someone you feel comfortable with including in your birth story. Then, at the beginning of your third trimester, we can meet in person, talk on the phone or communicate via email (your discretion) to customize your session. You dictate what moments you want documented and which you don't. For example, one previous birth client wanted minimal labor photos, no delivery images and mainly wanted immediate bonding moments, dad's reaction to seeing baby and all of the little details like weight, footprints and first latch. It was a PG session through and through and the images were refined and beautiful. But don't take my word for it...

"She [Cara] photographed our second son's birth ... and we are completely in love with the photos. She was professional and courteous and like a "fly on the wall" during labor and delivery -- I didn't even know she was there! She asked plenty of questions about what type of photos we wanted to have as a result of her photographing his birth and just made sure she knew what we were looking for."

This is your baby's first milestone. It deserves to be documented.

We document our children's first steps, first words, first everything. Yet somehow, we often don't document their first moments on earth. Babies are born perfect and beautiful and they also change day to day. By waiting to document your baby until the traditional newborn sessions lets days slip by that are filled with changes! Make sure you don't miss your baby's true newborn moments.

Niles Michigan Birth Photographer - Baby C's Birth Story

When I first met Momma T, I was so excited for two reasons: 1) she was a super awesome human and 2) she was having a home birth! For some reason, in our area, birth photography largely happens in the hospital (which is kind of backwards from many other areas). So when I found out I was going to be shooting a home birth, I was incredibly excited! As I got to know this sweet family, it became obvious that this was going to be an amazing birth.

The family of four was team green, meaning they didn't know what gender baby #3 would be. Big sister was pretty set on having a little sister but little brother...well, I don't think he cared much. When I arrived, it seemed that everyone felt confident that we would be welcoming a girl into the world soon. I was so impressed with mom's concentration and calm throughout her long early labor and I loved watching her breathe through contractions as her kids played around her, like nothing exciting was even going on. These thoughtful parents also gave their oldest daughter a camera for her to document the birth from her perspective (can I admit that I geeked out over this a little?). Once early labor passed into active and transition, stuff got real pretty quickly. Once mom got into the birth pool, it was just a matter of time! Momma T's doula and midwife was so supportive and amazing and helped talk her through her sunny-side-up baby who took a little extra effort to bring into the world.

And guess what? It was a BOY! Just scroll through this beautiful gallery below and see if you can pick out which image showcases mom finding out she was holding her new son. I am so grateful for this family inviting me into their home and into this intimate and emotional experience as they welcomed a baby boy, also their rainbow baby, into this world. What an incredible moment!