Niles Michigan Birth Photographer - Baby C's Birth Story

When I first met Momma T, I was so excited for two reasons: 1) she was a super awesome human and 2) she was having a home birth! For some reason, in our area, birth photography largely happens in the hospital (which is kind of backwards from many other areas). So when I found out I was going to be shooting a home birth, I was incredibly excited! As I got to know this sweet family, it became obvious that this was going to be an amazing birth.

The family of four was team green, meaning they didn't know what gender baby #3 would be. Big sister was pretty set on having a little sister but little brother...well, I don't think he cared much. When I arrived, it seemed that everyone felt confident that we would be welcoming a girl into the world soon. I was so impressed with mom's concentration and calm throughout her long early labor and I loved watching her breathe through contractions as her kids played around her, like nothing exciting was even going on. These thoughtful parents also gave their oldest daughter a camera for her to document the birth from her perspective (can I admit that I geeked out over this a little?). Once early labor passed into active and transition, stuff got real pretty quickly. Once mom got into the birth pool, it was just a matter of time! Momma T's doula and midwife was so supportive and amazing and helped talk her through her sunny-side-up baby who took a little extra effort to bring into the world.

And guess what? It was a BOY! Just scroll through this beautiful gallery below and see if you can pick out which image showcases mom finding out she was holding her new son. I am so grateful for this family inviting me into their home and into this intimate and emotional experience as they welcomed a baby boy, also their rainbow baby, into this world. What an incredible moment!