When I started my photography journey, I went into it with the hopes of providing candid, documentary images to families and to birth moms. I wanted to offer something beyond the "baby in a bucket" studio portraits that saturate our area. I wanted to help spread love for the beauty in the everyday and to help capture families how they really are and place the value in the real and not the ideal. And I had no intention or interest in photographing weddings. I don't like posing people and I definitely don't like over edited images, so in my mind... photography was just not for me.

Enter Katie Lynae Photography. A long time friend from our 4H days, Katie reached out to see if I had any interest in being her second shooter (assistant photographer at weddings). I figured, "Sure! Why not? A fun chance to hang out with an old friend." And that's when I got my first look at the behind the scenes moments of a wedding. The candid, beautiful moments that happen so naturally and effortlessly. The amazing relationships that are displayed between family and friends. The hilarious antics and interactions between people. And most of all, the overwhelming love story that is told in just a few short hours. 

I. Was. Hooked.

Why had I not seen this sooner?! Michiana wedding photography was just as in need of a candid, documentary photographer as the families were! And so, with the start of 2018, I am so excited to announce...

BBP is officially booking weddings!

If you have followed my work up until now, you have a good feel for my "style." This style will translate into weddings as well. I want to offer minimally posed and primarily candid wedding photography to the amazing couples in the South Bend and Michiana area. If you value your love story in it's most natural, purest form, BBP is a great option. If you don't feel the need for hundreds of posed, "say cheese" images and otherwise scripted moments, I'd love to talk with you. If you love modest editing with high contrast, film based finishes, BBP can provide that.

I want to capture your wedding day exactly as it is and document the love you experience with friends and family as it happens organically. By booking a wedding with BBP, you will be able to look back on your photos in the years to come and recall memories exactly as they happened, not how they were posed. There are few things in this world more beautiful than the start of a life-long love story and your photos should represent that!

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to CONTACT ME for 2018's discounted portfolio building pricing.