Granger Birth Photographer / Granger Birth Photography - A Letter to the First Time Mom

I'm not usually one to make generalizations, but now that I am firmly grounded in the "birth world," I am noticing a pattern: most of my inquiries come from second (or more) time moms. And sadly, there's a phrase that I keep hearing from many of them: "My biggest regret for my first birth was not having a birth photographer." This makes me so sad...and also hits home. 

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was certain that I wanted it to be a sacred, private experience between my husband and I. I didn't want any unnecessary bodies in the room that I did not need and that included a photographer. "Why," I wondered, "Would I need pictures of a moment I will surely remember for a lifetime?" It is with this in mind that I write this note:

Dear First Time Mom,

Congratulations, first and foremost, for putting yourself on the back burner and nurturing this tiny life growing inside you. You are already demonstrating how selfless and strong you are. 

As you continue through this journey towards delivery day, please consider documenting your baby's birth. I know that this already feels like an overwhelmingly epic event and that you are certain you will remember every precious second of it. But please, think carefully. Remember that birth can be chaotic and unpredictable and often, in these types of situations, our brains fail to remember important details. Details like how amazing your support system was and how strongly they stood by your side and helped guide you through the chaos. Details like your amazing medical staff who you will hardly notice in the moment, but who later, you will appreciate more than just about anyone. Details like your baby's first breath and moment meeting you: mom.

Consider your limited perspective. Your sole concentration will be to get through labor and to get your loving hands on that baby. You will be the very first person to look into baby's face, and that you won't ever forget. But what was Dad's reaction when baby was born? Was your manly-man partner overcome with emotion and tears? Was your partner smiling from ear to ear at the site of their new baby? What was your reaction? Did you cry with pure exhausted joy? Did you laugh out loud in elation? These are perspectives that you simply don't have in the delivery room but that you CAN have when you hire a birth photographer.

And moving beyond ourselves and thinking about our future child. How amazing would it be to sit down with your now mature son or daughter and be able to show them their journey into this world. To show them all of the joy they brought with their arrival. To show them how loved they were from their very first breath. Isn't that a gift you want to be able to give?

So, from one once birth-photography-hesitant-first-time-mom to another, step outside your comfort zone. See the value in this amazing experience and the importance of documenting it. Give the biggest moment of your life the chance to be preserved and revisited. 


A converted birth photographer