Your Story: Birth Photography (Part 2) - Mishawaka and South Bend Birth Photographer

Birth photography seems to run hot or cold: most people are totally infatuated by it or totally turned off by it. I can honestly see both sides! It is definitely not for everyone and that is fine. But if you are on team birth photography and see the same value of having your story frozen in time as I do, here are a few answers to some common concerns:

1) Modesty. It's an issue.

I know for my first child, I was constantly concerned with modesty (hahaha the current me laughs). Who wants their business out for all to see? Let alone in a PHOTO?! Rest assured. Birth photography is NOT about the shock factor or about giving an anatomy lesson. It doesn't end up looking like a horror film gone wrong. Birth photography is about capturing the emotions that go with labor and delivery. It will capture the pure and raw feelings shared between the soon-to-be parents, the trust placed in the nurses, doctors, and midwives, and most importantly, that epic moment when you meet your child. So rest assured, your business will stay private (pun intended). 

2) Timing. Some labors go fast...some take a small eternity. 

This is probably the trickiest element of birth photography. So here's the story: when you book a birth photography package, I am officially at your labor's mercy. Your retainer will ensure that I am "on call" for 10 days prior to and after your due date. This means that I will have a babysitter at the ready and when I get "the call" from you or your hubby that its time to make a move, I will be on my way within the hour! Now, this doesn't mean that "the call" should come at your first twinge of labor. Doctors are usually pretty decent at letting you know a time frame for how long you're looking at! So we will work together and make our best educated decisions and my goal is to be there for the tail end of active labor, transition, birth, and bonding. 

3) This feels awkward...and how involved is the photographer while there?

Birth photography is a big investment both of time, emotion and money. I don't want ANYONE who books a birth photography package to feel like they have a stranger in the room! I will make sure that we have plenty of contact before the big day. If you like to text, great lets be text buddies. Are you an in-person chatter? Great, lets go grab coffee (decaf for you of course). I want to know you and your family so that I can better tell your story on birth-day. So when we meet, you can tell me exactly what you envision. I can be as transparent and invisible or as active and chatty during labor and birth as you want. I am happy to accommodate your wishes. 


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