Fall Short Story Sessions - Mishawaka Family Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

This weekend was such a great taste of what is just around the corner: cool breezes, big fluffy clouds, blue skies. It's almost FALL! Is that anyone else's favorite season? I seriously love just about everything when it comes to fall which is why I am so excited for this newest offer...


Fall short story sessions! Yay! What does this entail, you ask? These mini documentary sessions are meant to help capture your fall activities. Think back to your favorite fall memory with your kids (or even of your own childhood). Was it jumping in the leaves? Bonfires? Picking pumpkins? Carving and painting pumpkins? Just think of these amazing, heart warming moments frozen in images. Fall minis offer such an awesome opportunity to integrate the natural beauty that comes with a midwestern autumn with your own family traditions. 

I am so excited to start on these but spots will fill up fast! Please PM on my facebook page or go to the CONTACT ME tab here. 

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