Why I Love It - Granger Storytelling Documentary Lifestyle Photographer

Now before I start, I know what you're thinking: every photographer LOVES photography. True. But here's the difference between a storytelling photographer's love...

Its a daily occurrence. Most portrait photographers are shooting similar poses, in similar settings, during booked sessions. Storytelling and documentary photographers are immersed in their genre each and every day. I know for me, having a photo (or 20) a day is hugely important to me! My daughter is young and she changes every day and I will admit, I am afraid I'm going to forget about the way she wigs out at reptiles, "reads" to our dogs, and pushes her stunnas onto her forehead, even though no one ever taught her to. 

And so, I shoot. I capture each goofy, candid moment that will help me look back in years to come and laugh (or cry) because these days were so, so good. But it's not just the fact that I am getting to tell my story every day! I love getting to witness other families's stories. It is so much fun to see the differences and the similarities, the love and interactions, the sillies and the seriousness. My job is NEVER the same and I love that! 

Storytelling photography allows me, and challenges me, to never take the same photo twice. Because everyone's story is different! What a cool way to get to spend my days. I am truly blessed. 

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