Your Story: Birth Photography - Granger and South Bend Documentary Birth Photographer

Having passion for things in life is so important! I have been so lucky to have many passions so far in my life: God, horseback riding, teaching, my marriage, motherhood and now photography! So lets concentrate on photography...

Its not just photography...not just images...not portraits...its documentary photography and storytelling photography that really has my heart. It allows you to look back at a moment in your life and fully appreciate the beauty in it. The biggest moment (to date) in my life was the birth of my daughter keep it the short version, we ended up with a (BIG) surprise c-section after a pretty involved labor and thinking back, it was all a huge blur! I ended up with only three images that a seriously amazing and kind hearted delivery nurse snapped for us that I cherish so much. But I am epically disappointed that I don't have more. 


Birth photography is such an incredible experience...but it's also a huge show of vulnerability and trust. You are allowing a stranger into the most intimate, stressful, exciting (insert every adjective ever) moment of your life. But aren't all those adjectives a great reason to have images to remember it, too? The most gorgeous and incredible moment of your life SHOULD be frozen in time. How awesome to be able to look back at that blur that is labor and delivery and be able to slow it down and recall how patient and supportive your partner was, how calming your midwife/doctor was, and mostly how completely life-changing and earth shattering that first moment you saw your baby was? 

Please know that if you choose to allow me to be a part of your birth, I will not take it lightly. I will be respectful. I will be tasteful. I will be kind and supportive. I will be patient. And mostly, I will capture the best moment of your life. 

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