What About the Portraits? - South Bend Documentary Lifestyle and Storytelling Photographer

The biggest concern I've run across from clients is the issue of (dum dum dummmmm) portraits! "What about the portraits? The framable photos? The pass-out-to-family photos?" Great questions and absolutely valid concerns!

But let me assure you: Documentary photography ABSOLUTELY provides that for you!


If this isn't frame worthy, I don't know what is!


First, I know I want photos in my frames that make me smile and true, honest memories do that for me! I love when people come over to my house and smile at the fun photos on my walls. I always get comments about how fun and adorable these images are which I would take any day over the "Aww, it's a baby in a bucket!" comments.

Second, I love love LOVE the simplicity of a documentary style portrait! There is nothing more beautiful and gorgeous than your own child's innocent little face. And I always make sure to capture that, too. Each session I offer will include some simplistic, honest portraits which also make great framables. Want a quick, "say cheese" family photo? No problem! It wont be the focus of your session but I also see the value in these add ons as well! The best part is, most of the time during the "say cheese" photo, families get close and have some really sweet and adorable candids along the way. Double bonus! 

So don't fear the documentary genre. Don't balk at the storytelling. Embrace the beauty of the every-day!

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