Editing - South Bend Documentary Lifestyle and Storytelling Photographer

One topic that continually gets brought up in the documentary photography arena is editing. And for good reason! I regularly talk about how this style of photography is honest and real and so, should editing be included? 

I say yes.


Read below for my feelings on removing major objects from photos!


Here's my rationale: In my mind, editing is like makeup. Some women go all out: foundations, contouring, highlighting. And some photographers, especially portrait photographers, do the same. It's truly mind blowing what can be done to manipulate a photo! And I am in no way insinuating that this is a bad thing; seriously, the quality of the photo in the video is amazing! I mean, whether it is with makeup or editing, there is no doubt that these subjects look gorgeous. But the type of editing I like to implement, the kind I think most documentary photographers like to apply, is more comparable to a mascara, concealer, and maybe some powder foundation kind of gal. (Gosh, that makeup routine sounds familiar). I don't use makeup to change myself or to hide my features. I use it to emphasize important areas and draw attention to assets. I use it to hide an unsightly blemish that pops up here and there. And to me, editing should be the same way! I use it to draw attention to my subjects. To highlight the amazing lighting. To soften a scratch or mark on the skin. And evvvvery so often, I will remove something completely distracting in the background...but I really don't like to do this unless it takes away from the story!  


Left: SOOC (straight out of camera) Right: Mild editing

In reality, the lighting in this house was mixed (meaning both indoor lightbulbs and natural window light - a photographer's nightmare). By implementing some mild edits, it is clear which image is more appealing yet the story is left completely in tact!


So when you book a session with BBP, know that I support imperfections, I love blotchy baby skin, and I think you and your family are beautiful just the way you are. And I will do all that I can to help you and others see that, too.