Beth's Mini Family Session - South Bend Documentary Lifestyle and Storytelling Photographer

This mini family session was for Beth and her kiddos. Beth, her husband, and their two gorgeous kids recently moved back to the area (their hometown) and she decided to take a break from work and stay home with her babies for awhile. And who wouldn't want to document that?! A new house, a new SAHM, and kids that are growing up WAY too fast? What a great story

The genuine warmth that this momma brings forth is definitely something to admire. From the moment I stepped through the door of their (seriously) amazing new home, I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. Her kids were so funny and while one was shy and adorably sweet, the other showed me some hilarious antics and conversation! (I'll let you see if you can guess which was which via the pictures). As always, I am so humbled and appreciative of everyone who allowed me into their homes, gave me their time, and put trust in me to produce images that make their hearts smile. I just hope these pictures reflect the awesomeness of Beth's life as well as deserved!

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