Taking the Leap - Documentary and Storytelling Photography

I dislike (and I mean truly, strongly, with every fiber of my being dislike) feeling vulnerable. And quite frankly, taking this leap into photography is probably one of the most vulnerable situations I have put myself in! Will people support it? Will people see the value in the genre of storytelling and documentary photography? Will I succeed? That is just WAY too many questions that I don't know the answers to.

But, with age, I'm learning that some of the best parts of my life's story were direct results of being vulnerable: marriage, teaching, motherhood. Those are areas that gave me the most personal growth and satisfaction and they are also the most vulnerable areas of my life. So I guesssss that means I should jump in with my hands folded in prayer and fingers crossed!

I am so excited to offer something different to the Michiana area. There are so many truly talented photographers here that it is insanely intimidating and a little overwhelming! I hope that my photography will offer something to those who are looking for photos just a little bit outside of the traditional box; something unique and valuable. I want to offer raw, honest images that will help put a nice little bookmark on this page of your story so that in the years to come, you can look back on those moments and smile because that was EXACTLY how it happened. 

Truly, thank you all for the support this far; for all of the Facebook shares and promotion my friends and family have provided. You guys are great! And to my new viewers, I hope you love what you see and know that I can't wait to work with you in the future!