BELLY BIRTH OF BABY Z - South Bend, Indiana Birth Photographer

I first met this sweet set of parents shortly (and I mean VERY shortly) after they found out they were pregnant. They were clearly very excited and wanted to make sure they documented every moment they could of their newest addition. As we talked, they revealed that about a year prior, they had lost a full term baby girl shortly after birth. After going through this tragedy as well as a c-section, they had high hopes for this birth to be both healing and wonderful. I was so humbled to be chosen to be a part of this amazing story.

Fast forward eight months and I got the text: "I'm 90% sure my water broke!" Game time! She was one of the statistically few mommas whose water breaks before contractions even started. After I met them at the hospital, these two did all the right things and worked hard alongside their doula to get baby to drop down and get labor to progress, but baby and mother nature had other plans and after nearly 24 hours of labor, the decision for a c-section was made. While it wasn't what they had hoped for, they handled everything with positivity and a smile. 

After what was probably the fastest c-section I've experienced, a healthy 9lb1oz baby boy arrived safely into the world! Seeing these two parents welcome their new son and compare him to pictures of their daughter was absolutely beautiful. I am always so excited and humbled to be included in this intimate and private time as families grow, but this story was especially beautiful and I am so beyond honored to have been there to capture it!

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