BELLY BIRTH OF BABY M - Michiana / Indiana / Michigan Birth Photographer

When you have five babies due within a ten week span, and they all decide to come in ten DAYS, its always an exciting time! Baby M was originally due in mid-August, but after his pregnancy caused some complications (and scares), for mom, it was time to schedule a c-section. While this didn't fit into the parents' original natural birth plan, it was what everyone involved felt was necessary and best all around and it was just as beautiful if things had gone as planned (but lets be real here, do babies EVER follow the plan?!). 

Meeting these two sweet parents was such a joy. At their consult, it was clear that they were prepared and thrilled to be welcoming another baby to their family of three and from what they said, big sister was more than ready to take on the new role, too. 

After it was decided that a belly birth was best, we changed up our plans and I experienced the most laid back, on-schedule delivery of my photography career. We met at the hospital bright (well actually dark) and early at 5am for check-in and surgery prep. After hanging out with their amazing and hilarious nurses for a couple of hours, mom was wheeled off to surgery right on time at 7am and baby was born at 7:33am happy and healthy despite being nearly 3.5 weeks early. Everyone was nestled in the recovery room and I'm not sure I've ever seen two parents more in love with their new baby. Mom just kept repeating, "I can't believe how cute he is! I can't believe how much I love him already!" and Dad's teary eyes in the delivery room and inability to look away from baby's face made it pretty clear how he felt about his new son. 

Thank you, V family, for including me in this amazing birth story!