Brycen's Birth Story in South Bend Indiana

The thing I love most about births is how unique each story is. Every baby is made differently, loved differently and born differently. No two stories are ever the same and there is so much beauty in that alone. Baby Brycen's birth story is filled with so much love and faith, there is no doubt that this beautiful boy is going to have an amazing childhood.

When I first met Brycen's momma, she shared their journey to becoming parents with me. She described how much they wanted their babies and prayed for them and through God's power and the miracles that modern medicine provides, they were able to have two successful pregnancies. Despite these challenges to bring their boys into the world, this mom was so positive about the experience and willing to share in order to help and support others. It was really very humbling to hear.

Once we had everything in place and were chatting about when to go on-call, we decided to start on-call a little early because her first son came at 38 weeks and was a fairly quick delivery for a first time mom. Better safe than sorry. Fast forward to 41 weeks and one failed induction later and we were both anxiously awaiting this little guy's arrival! During one of our many check-ins during those last weeks, we established a nice little saying: "Babies always come when they're supposed to, but never when they're expected to!" 

Finally, the second induction day came and Baby Brycen entered the world at 5:09pm and weighed in at 9.3lbs. He was perfect and handsome and the love that filled that room was undeniable. My heart can hardly handle this gig, guys. Congrats to this beautiful family and thank you for including me in your journey.