South Bend Birth Photography / Michiana Birth Photography - Mother's Day

Moms are amazing.

There's just no arguing it; moms are some of the strongest and most selfless people you will ever meet. It pretty much starts as soon as those two pink lines show up. Moms give up specific foods, alcohol, sleep, comfort...all before baby even gets here! And once baby is here, moms go to the ends of the earth to provide for them and will work to exhaustion just to make sure their children are happy and content, even at the cost of meeting her own needs. 

And this is what makes my job so, so blessed. I get to work almost exclusively with moms! I have met so many incredible women in so many different chapters of their motherhood. I get to see them at their most vulnerable yet their strongest during birth, I get to see them in absolute bliss as new moms, I get to watch them teach, raise and nurture their kids as they grow. To have this be the type of human I get to interact with is nothing short of humbling and beautiful.

Some of the moms (too many) I have met have endured the impossible: the loss of a child. And yet these women smile and support and love with a fierceness. Some of the moms struggled to have a family and now, they revel in even the most challenging moments of parenting. Some of the moms endure personal and physical battles that most of us can't imagine and yet they offer a shoulder and kind word to both their own children and everyone around them. (Scroll down to continue reading).

I am truly a better person because of the moms I have had the privilege of working with. I am more grateful for my own blessings. I am stronger because I know I can be because of their examples. I am more patient because they exhibit nothing but true understanding. So thank you, moms, for making me better. Happy Mother's Day!

Please scroll down for my mini-mushy-moment over the girl who made me mom and my own mom!

Thank you to the girl who made me mom! She has changed me in every way possible and I never knew this kind of love until her. She makes me smile, even on her worst days (which are far and few between). She truly is my tiny best friend and I feel so blessed to have a daughter to share this life with. I also feel an inexplicable gratitude to my own mom, who I hope I can be half as good as!