Indiana Family Photography / Indiana Family Photographer - Outdoor Documentary Family Sessions

Documentary family sessions almost always take place inside. Your house, your home, is the heart of your family and so this equates to the ideal setting for your family's photography session. It allows you to be natural and comfortably and will give the future you a glimpse back into your daily surroundings of a different time. I love in-home sessions.

That being said, there are a lot of positives to outdoor documentary sessions, too. There are a few really great reasons to opt for outside sessions and I thought I'd address a few of them:

1) Your family has a favorite outdoor activity.

Some family are just outdoor families (we are). Some families routinely go on adventures beyond the confines of their home. If your family enjoys going to beach on the weekends, grilling out in the backyard on nice nights, swimming in your pool after a long hot day or playing at the park together, you might want to consider taking that leap into documentary family sessions! 

2) The outdoors are part of your daily routine.

Many families have daily outdoor routines! Living on a farm means daily chores, and let me assure you, these chores make for amazing documentary sessions. Whether you are feeding the animals, picking stalls or sweeping barns, the rustic setting makes for amazing images that tell such a huge part of your story.

Don't live on a farm? How about sports?! If you have children who are involved in sports, you know that this is a huge part of your current chapter in life. Its often a family affair from packing up equipment, commuting to practice, cheering during practice/games and celebrating (or consoling) afterwards. These moments are worth remembering and preserving through photographs and video.

3) You're just not ready to take the leap into in-home sessions.

You may be intrigued by documentary photography. You may silently watch and love the storytelling sessions you see on social media. You may adore how families are captured so honestly. But you're just not ready to take that leap away from portrait photography and let someone into this very personal space that is your home. That's ok! I get it; really I do. If you are that person, then consider an outdoor session. Sometimes, just being outside feels less intrusive and more relaxed and also takes away any insecurities you may have about the current state of your home (even though I'd argue that your home is just an extension of your story, but I digress). Outdoor sessions still allow you to capture the important milestones and sweet tendencies of your family while offering a gentler stepping stone into this new genre of photography!