South Bend Birth Photography / Plymouth Birth Photography: Interesting Facts About BBP's Birth Services

BBP Serves other areas!

These areas are included for no extra travel costs: Fort Wayne, Valparaiso, Nappanee, Osceola, Rochester, Plymouth, Culver, Argos, Knox in Indiana and Niles, Buchanon, Stevensville and Edwardsburg in Michigan. 

BBP's birth photography is not rooted to just the local area! There are babies being born all over Indiana and Michigan and I'd love to be a part of them, no matter the distance. If your location is approximately 90 miles or less from South Bend, Indiana, I am willing to travel for your baby's birth day at no extra charge! But that doesn't mean that I can't be your birth photographer if you're further than 90 miles; it just means there will be an additional travel charge. I'm even willing to fly or stay in a hotel so really, the options are unlimited.

indianapolis birth photography indianapolis birth photographer

"Birth" is a term I use loosely.

Let me clarify: I am a birth photographer. However, that doesn't limit itself to strictly traditional births. I can capture natural or cesarean births, hospital or home births, obviously. But I also think there are other amazing subcategories of birth like:

Adoption Photography

So what if you aren't physically giving birth to your new baby?! You are still becoming a parent and expanding your family and to me, that is as "birthy" as can be. Adoption sessions can cover the birth of the baby if the adoption is organized prior to baby's arrival, it can be the meeting of the baby and parents or it can be the courthouse ceremony that officially places baby in the parents' legal custody. What a beautiful story to tell!

Surrogacy Photography 

Some people are just not built to carry a baby themselves and that can result in one of the most beautiful gifts one woman can give to another: surrogacy. BBP would love the chance to capture this entire journey of surrogacy from start to finish. 

Fertility Photography 

When a baby is wanted so badly but takes some extra effort to make it's appearance, there is often an epic fertility journey. This journey is often so emotional and beautiful, especially when the end result is a long awaited baby (or babies). Just check out this amazing journey as documented by Sarah Krieg.  

BBP offers not only birth photography, but birth video!

Fusion films and video are one of my favorite things to offer! By capturing short clips of video and sewing them together into one beautiful feature, your baby's birth story is told so much more completely.

You can save money on BBP's packages

I realize that birth photography is a big investment both in trust and finances. However, as a way to help you save some money in the process, you can get 15% off by signing a model release (and no, I will not post any nude or "extreme" images from your gallery. In fact, if I even question your comfort with using an image in my portfolio for modesty reasons, I will ask your permission beforehand, even with a signed model release). You can also save 5% by signing your contract and paying your retainer within three days of our initial consultation.

Every birth package is totally customizable

I want you to walk away loving your images. It doesn't matter if I have a preference of composition or moments; if you want something specific, I will do my best to deliver it. You have an infinite amount of possibilities when designing your package, which is why we have an initial consultation to go through the basics and then a second, more in-depth consultation close to your due date. This is one of the biggest moments of your life and your photos should reflect exactly what you want.

For this momma, breastfeeding was one thing she wanted to capture. By customizing your packages, you're able to specify what moments mean the most to you. This is a forever favorite image of mine!

For this momma, breastfeeding was one thing she wanted to capture. By customizing your packages, you're able to specify what moments mean the most to you. This is a forever favorite image of mine!

I hope this gives some of you readers some good foundation to work off of when you think of a birth photographer. Please contact me to set up your first consultation! I can't wait to work together.