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"Why birth photography?"

It's a common question I hear, often with different inflections behind it, depending on the source. I usually give a short, simple answer and move on but this last time someone asked me, it really started to stir in my mind. Why do I concentrate on birth photography? What are my reasons? I've written many blog posts about why YOU should choose birth photography (like all of these), but I've never spelled out exactly why I do it. So, here it goes...

Its Beautiful

I think this is the most obvious answer but rightly so. Birth. Is. Beautiful. There is absolutely nothing in this world more amazing than watching parents meet their new creation. It is so insanely humbling to watch a baby placed in their parent's arms and know that this baby is a direct result of love. Whether it is the first baby or the eighth, a long awaited result of a plan or complete surprise, this baby is here because their parents loved each other. I mean, wow. It's the most beautiful love story ever told.

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It Needs to be Normalized

Now don't overthink this one: I'm not a super crunchy granola momtog (nothing against those folks, I'm just not one of them). However, it boggles my brain how something so normal as birth can be considered so tabu. I mean, we were all born. Most of us give birth. It happens daily. Its literally the creation of a person. How is this not considered the most normal thing in the world?! Birth photography allows me to play a small role in nudging birth in the right direction, into the normal zone.

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I Meet Amazing People

I am a people person. Before I was a photographer, I was a high school teacher. In college I worked in retail sales. In high school I taught horseback riding lessons. I love people and I love meeting new people and honestly, some of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting were a direct result of a birth. The parents I have met make me want to be a better mom myself. They are always so loving and open and fun to be around. The birth team members are also some truly wonderful people who put their own needs and ideas aside to give mom the attention she deserves. What a blessing it is, having a job that brings so many lovely people into my life!

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Its Intense and Fun

I love the feeling of excitement. I am that person who shows their excitement, sometimes even too much so. This means anything that can give me that "can't wait" feeling, I'm hooked. The entire labor, delivery and bonding experience is just flat out thrilling! Pretty much nothing can compare to watching a new life join the world, take his/her first breath, finally meet the mom and dad they've been listening to for the past nine months. It gives me all of the feels and makes my heart so happy.

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I'm Selfishly Intrigued

My own birth was not what I had planned (read about it here) and I honestly feel like I somehow missed some of it, even though I was there. Being at other women's births gives me a peak into what I missed! In some ways, I missed out on a vaginal birth so watching other mom's deliver this way allows me to see what its all about. Watching another mom's c-section (something I'm yet to do but hoping to experience) will undoubtedly be equally as amazing because I will see exactly what I went through from an entirely new perspective. 

Those are my reasons for wanting to being a birth photographer. I'm sure I could list about 15 more but for your sanity, I will keep it brief. If you are considering birth photography, please don't hesitate to contact me. We can chat (totally noncommittally) about your birth journey and if that includes birth photos.