Shout Out to the Fresh 48 - Granger Documentary Photographer and Storyteller

Looking back through my old blog posts, I noticed something ironic: I have harped on birth photography, gushed over family sessions...but I have really neglected my absolute favorite type of session! So before I blow up my blog with family photography from the short story sessions, lets stop and give homage to the Fresh 48 session.

1). You don't think you need it...until you do.

Let me clarify by sharing my own experience. I did not book a fresh 48 session because I wanted my birth experience to be extremely private between my husband and new baby. I wanted to bond, uninterrupted and enjoy every sweet second. (SIGH) It was a nice thought. But in reality, my delivery was nothing of what we planned for or expected, my recovery was less than expected, and lets face it, in the moment it sure doesn't feel like there is anything beautiful or private about those first hours as a new parent! 

But looking back, the chaotic parts are the parts that stand out...but I KNOW that there were peaceful, amazing moments. I was just too tired and out of it to remember them. What I wouldn't give to have photos of my daughter just hours old snuggling with her daddy and I. Or meeting her grandparents for the first time. Or just being a part of this big new world! I truly and honestly regret not taking that opportunity to capture that part of our story!

2). They are seriously the most beautiful images - ever. 

When you have a new baby, you could literally stare at them for hours - days - eternity. They are squishy and wrinkly and regardless of what every person says, they look nothing like you or your husband yet but goodness, its just impossible to look away. These tiny beings are experiencing the world for the first time. I think we owe it to them and to ourselves to freeze those moments and go back and relive all those feels every chance we get. 

3). The meet and greet.

What a phenomenal moment when you get to introduce the newest love of your life to your other loves of your life! Whether baby is meeting a sibling, grandparents, family or friends, its a fleeting but magical moment (sorry for all of the fluffy language, but we ARE talking about newborns). To have those shared smiles and tears on film is priceless. 

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