FIRST Fall Short Story Session - South Bend Family Documentary and Storytelling Photographer

First, lets start with the absolute perfect night we had for these photos! It couldn't have been any better. Second, how about this location? It was like an autumn paradise for toddlers (just ask baby S ). And most importantly, the cutest little family. Have I ever mentioned how good all of my sweet, adorable families make me look as a photographer? This fall short story session was a lot of fun and once baby S realized that she was in a toddler paradise, she let loose with the smiles and smirks. Her mom and dad are clearly nuts about her and I think its easy to see why.

I'd also like to say that "I pride myself on a quick turn around for image editing." Which is partially true: I do think getting images to the families quickly is wildly important. But if I'm being completely honest, I have a confession. I am the most impatient. person. ever. And this fully applies to editing images! When I get home from a session and I know there are photos on that SD card just waiting to be processed into magic, I have to do it NOW. And so, I usually end up staying up to all hours of the night until I get them done. And while that makes for a very tired me the following day, it makes for some very happy clients.