South Bend Indiana Family Photographer - Fischer Holiday Documentary Gallery

I have been so excited to reveal this gallery publicly! This family was my first official in-home session when I was first starting out and to say that I was grateful for them would be an understatement. When Momma Fischer contacted me to book a holiday session, I was SUPER excited! I mean, not only did this great family give me a chance when I was still building a portfolio, but they apparently liked me enough to come back. That's just flattering and humbling.

I loved their first session because it told the story of their new, still being renovated home. Where some people might be hesitant because all the trim wasn't up, or there was some clutter, Momma F saw the true value in all of that. It was all just part of their story along the way to a forever family home! 

This holiday session was no different. Baby G was all smiles and curiosity and just confirmed that I love sessions with toddlers. Momma Fischer had an old family cookie recipe that she wanted to bust out for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and Baby G and Daddy Fischer were very willing taste testers...even Puppy Ax got in on the taste testing! Throughout this session, the warmth and honest family interactions just radiated from all three of them and I know that years down the road, Momma, Daddy, and Baby G are going to love flipping through their holiday photo book and laugh together.