South Bend Indiana Newborn Photographer - Fresh 48: The "Why"

All right! Back to the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW of the Fresh 48 sessions. Today, in case you missed the title, I'm hitting the "why." I could honestly go on and on about this so please, forgive my rambling!

The best way I can think to emphasize the importance of a Fresh 48 session is to share my own story. I went into pregnancy and birth with a solid plan. I felt prepared (as much one can be) and couldn't wait for those precious first days with my newborn. I went in wanting minimal interventions and my midwives were all in; then life happened. Hello induction, 12 hours of active labor, emergency c-section and a recovery I wasn't expecting. Between being stuck in bed, learning how to nurse my baby and the utter fear/amazement of being a new parent, I hardly picked up my phone for a photo. Suddenly, it was months later and I was longing for some evidence of the beauty and craziness of those first couple of days! I don't even have one of me holding my daughter until after we were home. How sad is that???

The first couple of days with a new baby are chaotic and stressful, yet they're completely beautiful and irreplaceable. Having photos scheduled isn't usually at the top of the parents'-to-be's to-do list but IT SHOULD BE! Those images of you in your first moments as parents (or parents of 2, 3, 10 kids) are so inexplicably priceless. Not only do you want to remember every tiny detail of your beautiful new baby, but you want to remember yourself in this new role and in this new chapter of your life. And what about your other kids or family members? Bringing a new baby into their lives is a monumental moment, too. Your other kids are now big brothers and/or sisters. Your parents are now grandparents. A new baby means new titles for everyone and it only happens once. Fresh 48 sessions are YOUR chance to make sure that you, your family and the future adult your baby will be can cherish this incredible point in time.