South Bend Indiana Newborn Fresh 48 Photography - The "When"

So we have covered the WHAT and WHERE of the Fresh 48 which means today we cover the WHEN. Now this might seem obvious (during the first 48 hours, duh), but the truth is that there are a lot of options in those 48 hours!

The first hours - Choosing to capture the very first minutes or hours after birth is such an incredible option. It's a close second to actual birth photography yet still allows for the privacy of the actual labor and delivery while capturing those emotion filled minutes of meeting your baby. A lot happens in the first few hours after birth (skin-to-skin, first nurse, footprints, weighing and measurements, possibly the first bath) that will fly past and easily get lost in the flood of feelings and chaos. Choosing to have this time documented will enable you to look back and recall all of those beautiful moments.

The family meetings - Whether this is your first baby or your tenth, your family will undoubtedly be excited to meet this new member! There is hardly anything that comes across as beautifully on camera as tear and smile filled loved ones falling head over heals for your newborn. Choosing to have this first meeting captured will offer you and your loved ones a lifetime of memories; not to mention a humbling experience for your baby years down the road when they see how much they were loved immediately upon their arrival. 

The exit - This one gets passed over a lot but is one of my favorites! After the fastest / longest 48+ hours of your life, its finally time to go home! This is the most terrifying and exciting moment of your journey so far and it makes for such an amazing session. Between dressing baby in their going-home outfits, saying goodbye to the nurses (and begging them to come home with you), packing your bags and headed out the door, there are so many priceless moments happening that need to remembered. 

As you can see, just because it is a session that happens in the first 48 hours doesn't mean you are limited or that your images are going to be generic or look like anyone else's. That's the beauty in documentary storytelling photography; it is the tale of your newborn and therefore, completely unique and beautiful. 

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