Rachel's In-Home Maternity Session - South Bend Birth, Fresh 48 and Newborn Photographer

When you think "Maternity Session," you probably think of expecting women draped in flowy gowns standing in the middle of a beautiful field or river. That's been the trend for awhile now and while it does result in some truly stunning photos, I tend to favor the more real and honest moments of a woman's pregnancy. Think sipping decaf coffee while your other kiddos run around happily while you prepare breakfast with your hubby. Sound familiar? Well, let me assure you, it is no less beautiful than the flowy gown photos! In fact, in my eyes, they're even more priceless and gorgeous . 

When I arrived at Rachel's home that she shares with her two daughters and lumberjack husband (no really, he's a lumberjack by trade!), I immediately felt at home. The family's house was so cozy and welcoming and full of bright colors and happy energy, it was impossible not to feel like part of the family. Having known Rachel through her doula work (we've shared birthing mommas multiple times before), we had plenty to chat about. Actually, we probably talked too much because in nearly every other photo, I caught Rachel answering one of my 101 questions! 

Watching Rachel mom is like watching the wind blow: it's natural, effortless and effective. Her girls were so well-behaved and sweet, not to mention they both adore Rachel and their Daddy. My favorite time was when the family played together on Mom and Dad's bed, laughing and giggling in a way that you could just tell happens each and every day. There's no doubt that sweet baby girl #3 will be entering a house filled with fun and laughter and an over abundance of love.