I love getting to capture regular, every day moments for families. It brings me joy to help document the beauty that can be found in simple moments. But I also love documenting big moments, too! And when this lovely family reached out early this winter in hopes of having their family's newest additions baptisms captured, I was so excited! This was going to be epic for so many reasons.

First, it wasn't just one or two babies being was FIVE babies. This extended family had decided to get together at The Log Chapel at Notre Dame to have all of their babies baptized together. How special is that? And if that wasn't enough on its own, these babies came from all over the country for this special day...even as far as Alaska. Yup, you read that right: Alaska. 

From the very first moment I arrived, there were smiles and laughter all around. Families greeted each other excitedly and swapped babies while they waited for the ceremony to start. Once everyone had settled into the historic chapel, the service and baptism began and it, too was filled with light hearted laughter as well as tear jerking and heart felt words. Each baby was baptized individually and documenting their different reactions was so special. This was absolutely an event that deserved to be remembered and I am so humbled and honored that I could be the one to do that for them and I hope that these babies will grow up and look back at this moment with smiles and the warmest of memories!