South Bend Birth Photographer / South Bend Birth Photography - Baby A's Birth Story

I am always, and I mean always, astounded at the strength and determination of women giving birth. The absolute strength and determination; the vulnerability and surrender. It's so incredibly humbling to be included in these moments for these mothers.

This particular mom had a birth plan in mind and I was impressed from day one at how determined she was to accomplish it. Thankfully, the stars all aligned and allowed for that to happen! After nine hours of labor, this woman became a mom at 10:26am, welcoming her very first daughter into this world with exhausted grace and excitement. Watching her push through all of the struggles of an all natural childbirth was so amazing! What strength that took.

With a room full of support from her midwife, doula, nurse, mom, sister and partner (it was crowded in there, yes), there was absolutely no way that this mom-to-be could fail. Her support system wouldn't let her! To see a mom surrounded by so much love and support from those around her was something truly unique and beautiful; not to mention that she was bringing a baby girl into this world surrounded by so much love. 

I am so excited to share these amazing birth photos with you and to help tell the story of Baby A's birth...