Indiana Birth Photographer / Indiana Birth Photography - Taking Your Own Amazing Newborn Pictures

I am the first to admit that I literally had to go out and buy a new iPhone with more storage when my daughter was first born. Why? Because I took approximately 236 pictures of her a day. When you first bring baby home and you're SO excited and SO proud that you created this beautiful, perfect little creature, there is no stopping a momma's shutter finger! With that in mind, we also want to get the best pictures we can with our limited camera phones so here are some tips...

Don't Skip the Professional Newborn Images

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If it is in the budget, I still encourage you to get these done professionally. Whether it is a Fresh 48 (pick me! pick me!) or an in-home newborn session, invest in it. You will never regret having those professional photos of your beautiful new baby.

Get the Details

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I would venture to say that there are few things more beautiful than the tiny, intricate details of a newborn. From their squishy cheeks, to dimpled chins (just look at that little guy above), to their perfect little toes, don't miss those shots! Make sure to get creative here and notice your light and your perspective when taking these images. Don't take 12 pictures from the same exact spot, use some variety and move your phone around then delete the ones that are less than favorable (or just upgrade to a larger storage plan on the cloud and keep them me...sigh).

Tell Your Story

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Use your surroundings to tell your baby's story. Even the newest of babies has their quirks and habits and you never want to forget about those. Make sure to reach beyond the beautiful details of your baby's face, fingers and toes and tell the story of your life as it is right now (messy house and all).

Use Your Light

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Unless you are catching that amazing first smile or some other fleeting moment, use all of this newborn sleepiness and down time to make sure you get the best picture possible. Natural window light is your best option so make sure baby is placed somewhere that the soft light hits their sweet faces just right. Embrace the shadows and use it to play up some of those features! Don't be afraid to move yourself or baby to get the most flattering angle.

And probably the most important tip...

Get. In. The. Frame.

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I get it, ladies, I do. You just had a baby. You may not be feeling your most attractive (although you totally should because there is nothing more radiant than a powerful woman who just spent nine months growing a human and then battled for hours to bring said human into the world but I digress...). At this point in time, you are quite literally the sun to this newborn's world. You provide safety, comfort, companionship, food and never-ending love. Capture that. Don't let these moments slip away. Because let me assure you, you will blink and suddenly this tiny baby who once fit in the palms of your hands will have to fold themselves into impossible positions to fit in your lap...if they even let you cuddle them for that long anymore! This time with your baby is irreplaceable and both you and your baby will want these pictures to exist years down the road. So hand the phone over to dad and tell him to click away, because you are the friggin' sun!