Michiana Birth Photography - Invest in Your Moment

I had a lovely meeting with a potential birth client recently (side note: I genuinely love meeting new people and hearing their stories) and as we chatted, I loved her complete understanding of the beauty of birth photography. One thing that I consistently see people struggle with when it comes to birth photography is the lack of what I like to call "frame-ability." 

So many times, people can't see paying a significant amount of money for images that they can't share on their walls or social media pages. But here are a few reasons why this is just not a good argument against birth photography...

It is frame worthy!

Just look at the image above. I can definitely say that I would be proud to have this hanging as a beautiful canvas in my child's room or my room or even in my living room! It's stunning and absolutely honest; it shows the beauty of your first moments as the new parents of your tiny human. Not all birth images have a "shock factor" or are too intimate to be hung up. Many are just simple and heartwarming and absolutely wall quality. 

It's a moment you can't get back.

Birth is often chaotic. There are so many emotions happening and whether its the pain induced memory blur or fuzziness from epidurals or just plain stress related, our memories aren't perfect and accurate. We frequently miss entire moments! Quite frankly, I just feel that birth moments are not something that we can risk giving up. It is one of the biggest life changing events in your life and it deserves to be preserved. Even if some of the images are confined to a beautiful album or on a gorgeous slideshow, you deserve to have them to revisit as your babies grow.

You aren't there for every moment.

Think about it. Birth and birth photography is more than just about Mom (although you are the star of the show). There is so much that goes on behind the scenes! Your partner plays a huge role in your baby's birth, sometimes in ways you don't see or notice in the moment. Wouldn't it be great to be able to let the chaos pass and have images to look back on and see all of the love and support they offered? Your caregivers (nurses, midwives, doctors) also have wildly important role in your birth story. There is something truly humbling to have pictures of these wonderful humans caring for and genuinely loving you in your time of need. 

The details.

Birth is filled with minute details that we don't even think about. The completely mind-blowing placenta, the first latch of your baby, the first finger grab, the first weighing. These are all irreplaceable details that we, as moms, often miss because we are busy recovering/sleeping/crying/laughing/[insert any post birth activity]. Having pictures of these details to cherish is priceless.