Plymouth + South Bend Family Photographer - The H Family

With documentary photography being a new style to the Michiana area, its always so amazing to meet a family that just "gets it." And that was the case with the H family! From our very first email, it was obvious that we were on the same page: we both value real, honest moments as a family. When we set up our session, I knew this would be a great one!

This family of three was so fun and light hearted and completely natural. We started the session with one of their favorite family activities which was a walk to the river from their home. During the walk, I was able to snag some fun moments and document some silly toddler habits. When we got to the water, they sat and played together in the grass and talked about the non-existent fish in the water.

When we got back to the house, the family decided to decorate pumpkins. They had everything from feathers to sequins to puff paint. It turned into one of those hilariously relatable endeavors where the toddler enjoys it but the parents REALLY enjoy it. After pumpkins came a quick snack before they headed out to a Halloween party. The sweet, quiet moments in the family room were a perfect representation of a normal day in their household. Hearing mom's rave reviews of her gallery and knowing that I was able to document her family just as it is in a way that will make her smile in the days and years to come is truly a joy.