Mishawaka Birth and Family Photographer - Nursing Session

Awhile back, in support of National Breastfeeding Week, I ran a contest for a mini-nursing session for any currently breastfeeding mommas. I had an overwhelming response, which I was so excited about. It was great to see so many moms not only on the breastfeeding train in the local area, but to see so many of them who valued it and took pride in it as to want photos of it was incredibly exciting. I ended up working with a mom of two girls; a newborn and a toddler. Both girls were active nurslings. Mom was a doula. And the clouds parted and the birds sang. (Ok, I exaggerate for effect but seriously, this mom was such a dream). 

After discussing what we envisioned for this session, it was clear that this was going to be so far beyond a normal in-home nursing session. This mom was all about normalizing breastfeeding and shared her story with me. In an effort to balance mom life and doula life, she had started taking her daughters on "coffee dates" on a regular basis in order to create a fun routine for them and as an outlet to host meetings with her clients in a way that her girls were accustomed to and comfortable with. So naturally, this was how she wanted to document her breastfeeding journey. Um, yes please.

I also knew just the place to suggest (because as she specified and I cheered in support for, she didn't want somewhere cookie cutter or corporate), so we ended up at an amazing little not-for-profit coffee house in Mishawaka called The Well. The atmosphere was so unique and the staff was so welcoming and supportive! If all of that wasn't enough, mom also shared with me that the nursing of her toddler during the session would officially be the last time she would nurse her. To many that's not a big deal, but as a mom who also participated in extended breastfeeding, I can say with certainty that its a big moment! And I am so, so excited to share that moment with you. I hope she enjoys these images as much as I enjoyed telling her story...